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Complete problems P16A-17B (p. 898), P16A-19B (p. 899), P18-24A (p. 979), P18-26A (p. 980) in your textbook.

Complete problems P16A-17B (p. 898), P16A-19B (p. 899), P18-24A (p. 979), P18-26A (p. 980) in your textbook.

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Solution P16A-17B (p. 898), P16A-19B (p. 899), P18-24A (p. 979), P18-26A (p. 980)

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P18-24A British xxxxxxxxxxx
xx Average tickets sold per show 1,200
x xxxxx xxx xxxxxx $50
Total revenue per xxxx $ 60,000
xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx show (70 x xxxxx x xxxxxx
Other variable cost xxxxxx x xxx 8,400
xxxxx variable cost per xxxx$ xxxxxx
xx xxx x - number xx xxxxx xx break-even
xx = SP(X) - xxxxx - xx
xx = xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx
xx x xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxx
-$30,600X = -$459,000
x x xxxxxxxxx x -$30,600
X x 15
3)xxxxxxxx xxx of shows xFixed cost x Desired profit
Contribution margin xxx xxxx
Required xxx of xxxxx = $459,000 + $3,825,000
$60,000 x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxx of shows x xxxxxxxxxx
Required no. xx shows xxxx
This xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx only xxxx 120 xxxxx xxx xxxxx
4)xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Income Statement
For the xxxx 2011
xxxxx xxxxxxx (120 x $60,000) $ xxxxxxxxx
Less: xxxxxxxx cost xxxx x $29,400) xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx cost xxxxxxx
xxx operating xxxxxx x 3,213,000
P18-26A xxx xxxx xxxxxxxx Group
1) xxx xxxxx compute the xxxxx xxxxx costs:
xxxxxx xxxx x xxxxx
Depreciation xxxxxxx 1,500
Utilities expense 2,300
Special telephone linesxxxxx
xxxxxx connection 2,900
xxxxxx xx financial plannerxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxx fixed costs $ 28,000
2nd xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx revenue xx xxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxx xx $ =Fixed

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