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Submitted by Canvas on Tue, 2012-07-17 22:12
due on Sun, 2012-07-22 21:56
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Compare three depreciation methods, Transactions for fixed assets, including sale, and entries for payroll and payroll taxes.

All together there are three separate problems. I have provided the pdf files in order for you to help me complete these questions properly. As always, I will provide the working papers if you wish to use them. The most important part is answering the questions I provided. These are questions that are based off of all the homework done. I need them to get a good score. Your help is appreciated as always. Reminder: included in the working papers are the questions I must have answered. 

Submitted by Asma on Wed, 2012-07-18 16:21
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Answer is attached

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Please xxxx xxxxxxxx solution xxxx xxx xxx me kmow xx some thing is xxxxxxx or wrong. xxxxxx



file1.doc preview (842 words)

xxxxx xx–xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx Expense

xxxx Straight- b. xxxxxxxxxxxx Double-


Year Method Method Method

2008 $ 21,000 $ 30,240 $ 45,000



Total $ 63,000 $ 63,000 $ 63,000


xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

($67,500 – xxxxxxxxx = $21,000 xxxx year

Units-of-production method:

($67,500 – xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxx per xxxxx

2008: 12,000 hours x $2.52 = xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx hours @ xxxxx x xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx hours x xxxxx x $10,080

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx method:

2008: $67,500 × 2/3 x $45,000

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxx × xxx x $15,000

2010: ($67,500 – $45,000 – xxxxxxx – $4,500*) = $3,000

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx reduced xxxxx xxx residual xxxxx of xxxxxxxx

xxxxx 10–xxx


Jan. 6 Delivery xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cash 24,000

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Repair xxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Expense—xxxxxxxx Equipment 12,000

Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxx—Delivery Equipment 12,000

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx depreciation�[$24,000 × xxxx × 2)].


Jan. 2 Delivery Equipment 69,000


Aug. 1 Depreciation Expense—Delivery xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxx—Delivery xxxxxxxxx 3,500

Delivery equipment depreciation

xxxxxxxxxxx – $12,000 × (1/4 × 2) × 7/12].

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Depreciation—xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx on xxxx of Delivery Equipment 1,750

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cash 415

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx—Delivery xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Depreciation—xxxxxxxx Equipment 27,600

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx × (1/5 × xxxxx

xxxxx xx–5B


July 1 Delivery

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Kumail Raza on Wed, 2012-07-18 06:54
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Answer file is attached with formula, detailed calculations and explanation is attached

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xx 10-2B

PR 10-2B
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx equipment xxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx in years x
xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx * xxxxxx
Residual value$4,500
xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx usage xx xxxxx * xxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx in xxxxx * xxxxxxx 9,000* xxxxx
Assumption: xx is xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx operating production xxxxxxxx 1 unit.
xxxxxxxxxxx base= xxxx x xxxxxxxx value
x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx depreciation x xxxxxxxxx life in years)*100
Formula:xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx method Double xxxxxxxxx balance xxxxxx
xxxxxxx Depreciable xxxxxxxxxxx life in xxxxx((Cost - xxxxxxxx value)/useful life in xxxxxxxxxx of units xxxxxxxx% of straight-line depreciation * x x xxxxx - xxxxxxxxxxx depreciation)
Depreciable xxxxx$63,000
x xx straight-line xxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx = 0.0
xxxxxxxxxxxx expense for 2008
Year xxxxxxxxxxxxx methodxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx declining xxxxxxx method
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx $63,000
x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx depreciation x33.33%
Accumulated depreciation under xxxxxx declining method - xxxx x xxxxxxx
Depreciation xxxxxxx for xxxx
YearStraight-line methodUnits xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxDouble xxxxxxxxx balance method
xxxx$21,000xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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