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CIS-505 Week4 Discussion 1

CIS-510 Discussion1

HTTP and HTTPS.  Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze the current uses of HTTP and HTTPS, and predict the future outlook for both protocols. Describe any foreseen changes in the frequency or way each protocol is used.
  • Identify the various uses for HTTP and HTTPS, and justify the use of one over the other. Include two examples to demonstrate the use of each protocol.
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The study is xxx about xxx xxxxx differences in http xxx https.

xx xx common xxxx us xx the line of ‘internet xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx slight xx haven’t come to xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx their similarities xx the xxxx xx use.

The study will xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx knowledge that xx necessary xxx our class works and as xxxxx xxxxxxxx knowledge, more xx for Computer xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Science students xxx other related xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxxx difference between http xxx xxxxxx

xxxxxx x

The "S" in HTTPS xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxx site. If xxx xxxxx x web xxxx xx xxx page, xxx look xx the address xx the web browser, it will xxxxxx begin with xxx xxxxxxxxxx http://. This means xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx using xxx xxxxxxx 'unsecured' language. In other If you fill xxx a xxxx xx the web site, xxxxxxx xxxxx see xxx information xxx xxxx xx that site. This xx why you xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx card number in xx xxxx xxx site! xxx xx the xxx xxxxxxx begins with xxxxxxxxx your

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Submitted by ashim_ag on Sat, 2013-11-02 16:45
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xxx xxxxxxxxx Transfer xxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx which works in xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx of xxx TCP/IP model, which means xxxx xx focuses on how xxxxxxxxxxx xx presented xx the user of the computer xxx caring xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx Point A xx xxxxx B in x xxxxxxxx xx is stateless protocol, xxxxx xxxxx it doesn’x xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx anything xxxx the previous xxx xxxxxxxx Sometimes being stateless works because xxxxx may xx xxxxxxxxx where lesser xxxx xxxxx xx xx sent, which xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx of data xxxxxxxxxxxxx HTTP operates xx Transmission xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx by xxxxxxxx

Secure xxxxxxxxxx Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) xx for xxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx HTTP. The critical xxxxxxxxxxx between xxxx and xxxxx xx xxxx HTTPS xxxx TCP xxxx xxx by xxxxxxxx xxx so HTTP and HTTPS are xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx channels. xxxxx xxxxx in with another xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Sockets xxxxx xxxxx in coordination, to transport xxxx safely xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx often

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