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Case Study 4 Advertising, Public Relations, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Case Study 4: Advertising, Public Relations, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Case 13-1)


Due Week 8 and worth 240 points


Write a 4-5 page report that answers the following:


1. Analyze the reasons why the Chinese government hired a Western public relations firm to work on the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


2. Assess the reasons why protesters and activists target events such as the Olympics.


3. Evaluate whether the opportunity to reach a global audience by advertising during the Olympics offsets the potential for bad publicity.


4. Analyze how well of a job the companies identified in this case did in anticipating and responding to the protests.


5. Provide evidence from at least three (3) qualified sources, e.g., textbook, peer-reviewed journals, government, or professional organizations Websites. Note: Properly cite your sources in the report and on a separate reference page that follows the APA style conventions.


Submitted by Smart Tutor on Sun, 2013-08-11 06:07
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Case Study 4 Advertising, Public Relations, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

body preview (10 words)

xxxx Study x Advertising, xxxxxx Relations, and the 2008 xxxxxxx Olympics

file1.docx preview (518 words)


xxxxxx Relations xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx Olympics


xxxxxxxxxxxx Public xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx 2008 Beijing xxxxxxxx

Your xxxx here

University Name here

Instructor Name



In xxxx assignment, xxxxxxx why the xxxxxxx government xxxxx x xxxxxxx public relations xxxx to work on the 2008 xxxxxxx Olympics will xx discussed, along xxxx xxxxxxx xxx protesters xxx activists target xxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx weather xxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx advertising during xxx xxxxxxxx can offset the xxxxxxxxx for bad publicity, and finally I will xxxxxx xxx well xx x job xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxx case xxx xx anticipating xxx xxxxxxxxxx to the protests.

xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx why xxx Chinese xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxx relations firm to xxxx xx the 2008 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Recently xxx body of knowledge xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx has xxxxx significantly and public xxxxxxxxx continue xx xxxxxx xx a strong xxxxxxxxxxx China had xxxxxxxxxxx bad

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