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Case analysis

The Senior Vice President of Human Resources has just informed you that she would like for you to research various HRM practices amongst Fortune 500 companies. This research will be presented to the board of trustees next month. They want to review other company’s best practices to help them realign their strategic initiatives in the below areas:

  • Recruitment/On boarding
  • Training & Development
  • Employee/Labor Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits Incentives/Practices

You will need to research various Fortune 500 companies and identity their best HRM practices. Be sure to identify and discuss the pros and cons of each functional area and state whether or not this practice will be one of your recommendations.  Submit a 10 page paper written in APA format to the Drop Box. Paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt and doubled spaced. Paper should include at least 6 references in APA format.


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Research various Fortune 500 companies and highlighted their best HRM practices.


Addressed and discussed the pros and cons of each functional area.

Discussed and developed a recommendation plan to the Senior Vice President of HR to help the senior staff better realign their strategic initiatives.
Applied various HR laws or theories.


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Case Study - As we Discussed

body preview (162 words)

Presently, xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is x xxxxxxxx recognized to be xx xxxxxxxxx component of business growth and is related to better management xx xxx xxxxx capital of x company. Being xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx business xxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx achieving xxxx levels xx competency and xxxxxxxxxxxxx would depend greatly xx xxx human resource management practice that are xxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx effectively towards x xxxxxxxxxxx profitability, quality, xxx other xxxxx that xxx xx xxxx with xxx company’s xxxxxx and mission statement. xxx Human Resource xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in a xxxxxxx xxxxx the xxxx of xxxxxxxx out the xxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxx to the xxxxx capital xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx functions xx xxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx effective use of people who xxx xxxxx xx xx xxx company’s employees; xx xxxxxxx organizational xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx Management is the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx related to people xxxx xx compensation, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (3415 words)

HUMAN xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

Running xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxx Management xxxxxxxxx xx Fortune 500 Companies

xxxxxxxx NAME]





Presently, xxxxx xxxxxxxx Management xx x globally xxxxxxxxxx xx be an xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx business growth xxx xx related to xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx x company. xxxxx an important xxxxxx xx the organization’x xxxxxxxx focus and xxxxxxxxx towards achieving high xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx and competiveness would xxxxxx greatly xx xxx xxxxx resource xxxxxxxxxx practice that xxx xxxxx to contribute effectively towards a xxxxxxx’x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx that xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx’x xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx statement. The xxxxx Resource xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in x company plays xxx role xx xxxxxxxx xxx the functions xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx human capital xx the company. xxxxx resource management functions xx xxxxxxx in

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (3516 words)

xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �13�

Running Head: xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Practices of Fortune xxx xxxxxxxxxx

[STUDENT xxxxxx





Human xxxxxxxx Management Practices xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

Presently, Human xxxxxxxx Management xx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xx an xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx business growth and is xxxxxxx to better xxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxx capital xx a company. Being an important xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxx focus xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx achieving high xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx would depend greatly on the xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx practice that are xxxxx to contribute xxxxxxxxxxx towards x xxxxxxx’s profitability, quality, and other xxxxx that are in xxxx xxxx the xxxxxxx’s vision xxx mission xxxxxxxxxx The Human Resource xxxxxxxxxx department in x xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx of carrying out xxx functions that xxx linked xx the xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx company.

- - - more text follows - - -

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