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BUS 311 Business Law 1 – Week 3 (Final Paper Prep) and Week 5 (Final Paper) - ASHFORD 311

Week 3 - Final Paper Prep. Review the assignment requirements for the Final Paper in Week 5. In a one to two page APA-formatted paper address the following:

1. Thesis statement

2. Topic of your paper

3. Outline the major headings

4. One article from your literature review using the Annotated Bibliography Guidelines below:

a. State the complete bibliographic citation for the article using APA format


b. Provide a summary/abstract/annotation of the article, which means to list the major topics discussed in the article. 


Week 5 - The Final Research Paper should address a topic that is connected to the content of this course (elements and requirements of a valid contract; issues related to real and personal property; intellectual property; employment law; and/or, international law and the global marketplace.) This paper should focus on a legal issue or situation that relates to a business environment or activity with a focus on the legal impact technology has on this issue. Ideally, this topic would concern a matter that you have experienced or that you have knowledge of; however, this not a requirement, only a suggestion. Apply the legal concepts and ethical considerations discussed in this course to your chosen topic. At a minimum this paper should include:

A detailed description of the topic.

An analytical discussion of the legal issues that are involved. This would entail examining the issue from different viewpoints.

A discussion of ethical considerations (Remember: What is legal may not be ethical).

A discussion of the legal impact technology has on this issue.

A well defined and logically stated argument to support your position. This would include any suggestion or ideas for improvement in this area of law.

Four research sources, two of which must be from the Ashford Library.


The paper also needs to meet the writing requirements that are set out below under “Writing the Final Research Paper."

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A+ Tutorial for the above, Week 3 and Week 5 Papers for BUS 311

body preview (2489 words)

xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx doctrine “employment xxxxxxx means xxxx employers are xxxx to xxxxxxxxx ones xxxxxxxxxx at xxx time, xxx any cause - with xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx protect xxxx xxx employee xxx the employer. By making xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx both xxx employer and xxxxxxxx can void the contract xx xxx time xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxxx xx Will" xxxxxxxx was xxxxxxx in the xx in xxx late xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx favored xx xxxxxxxxx since xx gave them xxxxxxx freedom to xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx as xxxx xxx fit xxx protected them xx xxx xxxxxx at xxx same time. As with most things that xxxx xxx much freedom, xxxxxx xxxxxxxx that eventually xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx up-rising by joining unions. Due to xxxx xxx xxx Civil xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx started documenting xxxxx policies regarding how, xxxx xxx when an xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx terminated. The courts xxxx held companies xxxxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file1.doc preview (246 words)

AT WILL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx �1�


xxx xxx


Origin xx the fire at will law

Theat will law was xxx into place xx xxxxxxx both the xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx will xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxx void xxx contract at anytime without repercussion.

I. xxx xxxx xx xx will xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxx ability to xxxx unproductive employees

2. The ability to xxxx in the xxxxx of downsizing xx xxxxxx xxxxx

B. xxx employees

xxxx The xxxxxxx xx quit or xxxxxxx x raise at any time

2. The ability xx look xxx xxx accept x position xxxx another xxxxxxxxxx

II. The xxxx of xx xxxx employment laws

xxx xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx money on xxx hiring xxxxxxx xxx training.

xxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx competition.

For xxxxxxxxxx

Unreliable xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx of benefits xx any xxxxx moment.

III. xxxxxxxxxxx

Legal xxxxxxxxxxx

1.Retaliation against employers

2. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

B. xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (2489 words)

xxxxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx �1�

xxxxx xxx Fire: xxxxxxx Employment


Bus 311

xxx at-will xxxxxxxxxx doctrine “xxxxxxxxxx at-will means that xxxxxxxxx are xxxx to xxxxxxxxx xxxx employment xx any time, xxx xxx xxxxx - xxxx or without xxxxxxx (Rogers, xx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx both xxx xxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx at-will xxxx xxx employer xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx the contract at xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxxx At xxxxx Doctrine xxx created in the xx xx the xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx since xx xxxx them xxxxxxx freedom to xxx their business as they xxx fit and protected them by the courts xx xxx same time. xx with most things xxxx have too xxxx xxxxxxxx abuses occurred xxxx eventually xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Due xx this xxx the xxxxx Rights xxxx implemented in xxx 1960's, companies started xxxxxxxxxxx their xxxxxxxx regarding xxxx why, xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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