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BUS 311 Business Law 1 – Week 1 Discussions

BUS 311 Week 1 Discussions - BUS311


Applying the Law to a Set of Facts. Read the Hypothetical Case Problem #1 at the end of Chapter 1 and respond to these questions

1. If Javier sued Energy-Auto Inc., identify who would be the plaintiff and the defendant.

2. In which state or states can the suit be brought?

3. Assume that Javier incurred $100,000 in damages.

a) Analyze whether the suit can be brought in federal court

b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of federal versus state court for this type of suit.

Guided Response: Analyze and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Do you agree with their conclusions? Did the facts you considered important in determining jurisdiction differ from your classmates? Explain why or why not.


Tort or Crime. In Chapter 1 of the text you read about the Bailey v. Eminem defamation case where the court held Eminem’s lyrics were protected by the First Amendment. Read the article and view the video (the links are listed under Week 1 Additional Learning Resources Required and Week 1 Multimedia Required) to the Pahler v. Slayer case. Respond to the following questions:

1. Did the Pahler court use the same reasoning as used in Bailey v. Eminem?

2. Should the court’s decision in Pahler be different because a young girl was murdered?


3. Recall the difference between a crime and a tort. Based on these two cases, analyze and discuss whether artists should be held liable for the actions of their fans. 

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BUS 311 Business Law 1 – Week 1 Discussions (A+)

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xxxxxxxx xxx Law xx x Set of xxxxxx Read xxx Hypothetical xxxx xxxxxxx #1 at the xxx of Chapter x xxx respond to xxxxx questions:

xx xx Javier sued xxxxxxxxxxx Inc., xxxxxxxx who would xx the plaintiff xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx

xx In which xxxxx xx states xxx the xxxx xx brought?

3. xxxxxx that Javier incurred xxxxxxxx in damages.

xx xxxxxxx whether xxx xxxx can be brought xx federal xxxxx

b) Explain xxx advantages xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of federal xxxxxx state xxxxx for xxxx xxxx of xxxxx

xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx Energy-Auto Inc., xxxxxx would be xxx plaintiff as he is the one who brought xxxxx xxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx will xx xxx xxxxxxxxx who must xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx from xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx Since Javier is the xxx bringing about the xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx suit xx xxx hometown xx xxx York which xxxx the xxxx xxxxx that Energy-Auto xxxx xxx xxx corporate xxxxxxx in. xxxxx xxx xxxx is the xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx the defendant, xxx York has xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx jurisdiction

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