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Bubonic Plague

n this SAS Curriculum Pathways Web Inquiry you will be provided links to primary sources that you will examine to help you answer the focus question: Why was the bubonic plague referred to as the "Black Death"?


Follow this link to Web Inquiry 184. If prompted, enter "melody9off" in the Student User Name then click "log in" to begin. (quick launch #184).


Copy and save the Respond sheet to your computer. Complete your answers to the questions and use that information to create your article for part 2.  


Combine your Respond notes and article into one item to submit.
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black death

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Medieval Europe: Bubonic Plague

Why xxx the bubonic xxxxxx referred xx as xxx xxxxxx Death"?



page x

xxxx 2

xxxx 3



xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Journalism

xxxxxxx that xxx are xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx reporter for a xxxxxx newspaper in xxx year 1348. You have been assigned xx write an xxxxxxx on the xxxxxx of bubonic xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx to know xxx xxxxxx xxxx begun referring to xxx disease as xxx xxxxxx Death." A brave xxxxx you xxx willing to travel throughout xxx plague-infected areas xx xxxxxx to get xx xxx xxxxx of xxx story.

xx xxx xxxxx the different areas (by navigating xxxxxxx the designated web xxxxxxx xxxx notes in the reporter's xxxxxxx below. xxxxx on the physical xxxxxxxx xxx xxx psychological effects xx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Reporter's Journal: xxx 1

At xxx xxxxx xxxxx Site 1, you xxxxxxxxx x doctor xx learn about the xxxxxxxx symptoms xx the disease. xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx

xxx xxxxxxxx experience xxxxxx headaches, xxxxxxxxxx aches in the upper

- - - more text follows - - -

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xxx Black xxxxx xxx the xxxx xxxxx to xx outbreak of xxxxxxx xxxxxx that xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx Europe in xxx 14th xxxxxxxx The plague was xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx 1347 and xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that 20 xx 25 million xxxxxx xxxx xx western Europe during xxxxx years.

xxx term bubonic xxxxxx xxxxxx xx the most xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx Victims suffer from xxxxxx xxxxxxxx of the lymph nodes, (glands in the xxxxx armpits, xxx groin.) xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx (hence the xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The xxxxxx appear quickly after the xxxxxx is exposed xx the xxxxxxx xxx usually burst within a couple of days. Death follows quickly xxxxxx

xxx 14th-century epidemic began xx China, where the death toll was xxxxxxxxx at xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx was carried along the xxxx Road, the xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx with xxxxxx xxxxxx the Middle xxxxx The caravans xx this route were xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx common xxxxxxxx xx the disease. It xx believed that Italian

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