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BSHS 375 Week 3 Learning Team Technological Access to Services Paper


Choose from the following options to complete this assignment:


Option One


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper discussing how technology assists in linking clients to services.


Include a discussion of the following topics in your paper:


·         Identify three technologies that increase client accessibility to services, such as biometric, digital alerts, smart cards, and microchips. At least one should be an online technology helping clients assess online resources.


·         For each technology, explain which population is targeted, the advantages and disadvantages, and the process for the client to access the technology.


BSHS/375 Week 3 Learning Team Technological Access to Services Paper

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BSHS 375 Week 3 Learning Team Technological Access to Services Paper

body preview (8 words)

xxxx 3 Learning Team Technological xxxxxx xx Services xxxxx

file1.doc preview (1192 words)

xxxx x xxxxxxxx Team

xxxx xxxx

Technology xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx easier for clients to access help from xxxxxxxxx These xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx clients communicate xx professionals xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx New xxxxxxxxxxxx are always xxxxxxxx

Wi-Fi xx a popular xxxxxxxxxx xxxx allows xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxx using xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx data xxxxxxxxxx xxxx a xxxx xxxxx Internet connection. xxxxx xxxxxx never xx xxxxxxxx xx replace how service traditionally service through organizations. xxxxxxxx important xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx the most obvious xxxx in HTML. xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx information xxxxx organization, and about the services xxxxxxxx The disadvantages of Wi-Fi technology xx not perfect and xxx many xxxxx that limit its xxxx There is a limited xxxxxx of action, and it xx suitable for xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx which xxxxxxx xx xxx environment. xxxxxxx the xxxxxx standardization, xxxx devices xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx

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