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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

Resource: Database Template located on the student website


This assignment will encompass the remaining 4 weeks of class with the final product submitted in Week Five. There are multiple worksheets that you can access using the tabs at the bottom of the Microsoft® Excel® template. You will work on one worksheet each week.


Create data for twenty clients in the Demographic worksheet using the Database Template.


Create automatic sort for each column so your data can be viewed in different ways.


BSHS/375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

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BSHS 375 Week 2 Individual Assignment Database – Demographic Information

body preview (7 words)

xxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Information

file1.xlsx preview (194 words)


Client's xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ZipPhone NumberDate xx BirthxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSocial Security Number
xxxxxxx2150, 56 street Orlandoxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx14-Julxx xxxxxxx591042782
xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxflxxxxx 407889003013-Feb xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx592733821
Joseph5603 xxxxxxx St Orlandoxx 328044074562152 xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx592457623
xxxxxx731 Errol xxxOrlandofl 328043212771525 xxxxxx 44xxxxxxxx591239874
xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx drxxxxxxx xx xxxxx4076913476 xxxxxx 57 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx 2700 Harris xx Orlando xx32804xxxxxxxxxx 26-Dec xx buspirone 591035679
xxxxx3487 Rimes xx xxxxxxx fl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 591025379
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx Orlando flxxxxx 321865238722-Jan29 xxxxxxx591257224
xxxxxxx475 xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx32804 xxxxxxxxxx2-Mayxx buspirone 592745632
Michael2755 xxxxx xxxx Orlando xxxxxxx 407297642231-Jul 59xxxxxxxxx591227345
xxxxxxx522 E xxxxOrlando xx32804 xxxxxxxxxx13-Feb62 xxxxxxx 592433258
xxxxxx xxxx 854 xxxxxxxxxx stxxxxxxxfl3280432148897431-Augxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Christina xxx 7th xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx3214553254 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxx forest ave Orlandoxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 20-Julxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxfl xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx19-Mar 51 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Edward xxx xxx streetxxxxxxx xx xxxxx4073047213 4-Junxx chlordiazepoxide592300204
Shawn518 charlet xxOrlandofl xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx 8-Jan 27xxxxxxx591020593
Emillio 1475 ocean xxxxxxxxxx xx32804xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxAmphetamine 592457532
xxxx xxxx xxxx xx Orlando flxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4-Dec xxLorazepam xxxxxxxxx


Client's NameTherapist Seen Service ProvidedDate xx Service Hours xx Service xxxxxx DueAmount xxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx Address
xxxxxx xxxx xxx Address
xxxxxxxxx Seen xxxxxxx Provided xxxx xx Servicexxxxx of xxxxxxx Amount xxxxxxxxx Paid
TOTALS $0.00xxxxx


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