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Submitted by torsmi on Sat, 2012-08-25 15:06
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Assignment 3.3: Case Study, Casa de Diseño

Assignment 3.3: Case Study, Casa de Diseño

Submitted by shahimermaid on Thu, 2012-08-30 12:33
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xx DO a. & b

A firm’s operating xxxxx xxxx is xxx time from the beginning xx xxx production xxxxxxx to collection of cash from the xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx product.


xxxx Average xxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Average Collection Period

OC- xxx xxxx

APP xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Period; CCC= xxxx Conversion Cycle.


xxx company was xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx $26,500,000 per xxxx on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx


Casa xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

AAI= xxx xxxx

xxxx xx xxxx

xxxx 30 days

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx 83 xxxx

ACP= xx xxxx

xxxxxx days

xxxxxxxxx cycle= 110 xxx x xxx xxxx

OC= xxxxx xxxx days

CCC= OC- xxxx xxxxxxxxxx days

xxxx 143-39=104 xxxx

Resource xxxxxxxxxx x

26500000/365 x xxxx

$ 11,253,425

xxxxxxxxx Investment=

26,500,000/365 x 104=


xx xx

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