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Assignment 7

Assignment 07

Assignment 07

SP180  Principles of Public Speaking

Directions:  Be sure to make an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading.  Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar.  Sources must be cited in APA format. 


Project: Written speech

    1. Develop your speech based on the preparation outline you submitted.

    1. Write your speech using tips, techniques, and guidelines studied in the lesson.

3.      Create a reference list that includes any and all sources you use to locate information. 

    1. Review the Speech Grading Criteria below.

    1. Limit your speech to no more than four pages, double-spaced.   

    1. Submit your speech with a title page, your name, date submitted, and instructor’s name.

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Assignment 07

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xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx YOUNG xxxxxx � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT �1� PROBLEMS xxxxxx xxxxx ADULTS � xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx FACING xxxxx ADULTS







Sincerely xxxxxxxxx xxxxx adults xxxxx face numerous xxxxxxxxx xx me, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx abuse pose the xxxxx challenge xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx These problems, xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx have xxxxxxxx effects on xxxxxxxxxx’s xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx their personal development xx well xx xxxxx relationships with xxxxx members xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx compromise the health xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxx and xxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of divorces, xxx xxxxxxxx is a xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxxx implications xx xxxxx problems xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx society. xxxxxxxx therefore, there xx an xxxxxx need xxx intervention from xxx xxx concerned stakeholders to xxxxxxx this disturbing issue.


Personally, one of the challenges xxxx x perceive xxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxx among the young adults. xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx interviews, x have xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx more xxx xxxx xxxxx adults engage in xxxx unbecoming xxxxxxxxx and xxx xxxxx xxx alarming. I xxxx established that xxxx xx the xxxxx adults xxxxx to taking drugs because xx

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