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Article Summary/Powerpoint

prepare a Narrated PowerPoint presentation of at least 8 slides, which highlights the major points of your summary. The narration should be about 3-5 minutes long. Paste the summary into the message area and attach your PowerPoint presentation to the message.

Article Summary Format- The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of problems and issues facing managers and businesses in today's environments. The summary should be at least 2 Double space pages. Paste the summary into a discussion window and attach your PowerPoint slides to the same message thread. You can also attach your summary, too, since sometimes there are formatting issues, but I would like to have the summary pasted into the message window for easy reading.

2 pages(Double Spaced) Written summary should include the following:

1. APA Citation-I have shown how you can access the proper citation in the video overview of the online library posted in the assignment area article assignment folder.

2. State the major points made in the article.

3. What was the author attempting to convey? Provide in your analysis how well the author accomplished his/her goal.

4. What major concepts from this course did this article address?

5. Did the article provide you with additional insight concerning this topic? Explain.

8 PowerPoint slides with Narration:

1. The first slide should include APA Citation bibliographical information on the article you chose.

2. The next slides should highlight the major points of the article.

3. The last slide should summarize the main point that you learned from this summary.

Follow These Instructions to Narrate you PowerPoint Presentation-The narration should only be 3-5 minutes, since we do not want the file to be too long.

1. Ensure you have the microphone plugged into your soundcard and that the recording volume is correctly adjusted. You may need to go to Start/Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices to adjust the recording volume.

2. Complete all of your slides

3. Return to your starting slide. On the PowerPoint Drop Down Menu, select the Slide Show/Record Narration/OK. At this point you may elect to Select Microphone Level and test your system. Once you select OK, your presentation will automatically go to the ‘Presentation Mode’.

4. Once the ‘Presentation Mode’ begins, start recording your presentation. Press the ‘Enter’ key to advance to the next slide and continue your narration. Press the ‘Escape’ key to end the Slide Show which will automatically terminate the Narration. You should save the timing when you are prompted after you have hit the escape button.

5. To hear your Narration open up your PowerPoint Presentation. Once the presentation is in the Slide Show mode, the Narration will automatically start. The Narration is slide specific and will continue when a new slide is selected.

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Bibliographical citation of the article: Chamberlain, L. (2011). “Does Your Performance Management Need a Tune-Up?” Strategic Finance. November, 60-61 State the major points made in the article The strategies to facilitate performance management would inc

body preview (7 words)

xxxxxxxx is xxx power xxxxx presentation.


file1.ppt preview (1299 words)

xxxxxxxxxxxx Citation Chamberlain, L. xxxxxxx “xxxx Your xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Need a Tune-Up?” Strategic Finance. November, 60-61

Major points made in the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx management would xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Every manager xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx its organization. This xxxxxxxx both the xxxxx and xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx then xxxx xxxxx ideas xx the senior xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx should clearly xxxxx xxx organization’s general directions to xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx” xxxxxxxxx performance, xxxxxxxxxx deliverables xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (Chamberlain, xxxxx p20).

xxxxx points made in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx should xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx different xxxxxxxxxxx and xxx groups xx designing and maintaining the performance xxxxxxxxxx program. xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxx should make xxxxxxx physical evaluations and measurements xx assess the performance xxxxxx xx the xxxxx xxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx into xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx as “xxxxxxxx quantity, timeliness, xxxxxxxxxxx cost effectiveness xxx customer satisfaction” xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxx points made xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx and clear expectations by xxxxxxx up clear

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (637 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT � PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �2�


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx

Chamberlain, L. xxxxxxx “xxxx Your xxxxxxxxxxx Management xxxx a xxxxxxxx” Strategic xxxxxxxx November, xxxxxx

xxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx in the article

The xxxxxxxxxx xx facilitate performance management xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx following;

First: Every manager must assess xxx strategic goals of its organization, xxxxxxxxx both xxx short xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx and then sell xxxxx ideas to the senior leadership and xxx executive xxxxx This xxxx xxxxxx clearly xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx’x general xxxxxxxxxx xx follow xxx objectives to xxxxxxx” xxxxxxxxx performance, xxxxxxxxxx deliverables and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” (Chamberlain, 2011, p. 20).

xxxxxxxxx the management should xxxxxxxx involve xxx employees xxxx xxxxxxxxx departments and xxx groups in designing xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx make xxxxxxx physical evaluations and xxxxxxxxxxxx xx assess xxx performance levels xx xxx every worker xx departments xx breaking all the xxxxxxxx into xxxxxxxxxxxxx such xx “quality, quantity, timeliness,

- - - more text follows - - -

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