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Submitted by ysncb1970 on Wed, 2014-01-22 23:24
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"for archmage only"

I have uploaded the excel spread sheet can you verify that you have received?  





Submitted by archmage on Sat, 2014-01-25 13:13
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Acme :)

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xxxxxx x xxx for xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Please rate me out! xxxx

file1.xlsx preview (352 words)


x&x xxxxxxxxxx fall into four pools xxxx the xxxxxxxxx annual xxxxxx
xxxxxx Analysis x 1,050,000
xxxxxxx xxxxxx * xxxxxxxxx
Product xxxxxxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx * 1,400,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that the appropriate xxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx four xxxxxxxxxx are:
Activities xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Market xxxxxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Number of designs2500 xxxxxxx
Product Developmentxxxxxx of products90 xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Testing xxxxxx xx tests500 xxxxx
xx xxxxxxx the activity-based overhead rate for xxxx xxxxx xxx appropriate xxxxx formulas xx xxxx your work
Market Analysis $700.00 =$1,050,000/1500 hours
Product xxxxxx $940.00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx designs
xxxxxxx Development xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx tests
xx How xxxx cost would be charged xx an in-house manufacturing xxxxxxxxxx xxxx consumed xxxxx xxxxx xx
market xxxxxxxx xxxxx was provided 280 designs xxxxxxxx xx 10 xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xx engineering xxxxxx
xxxx your work.
Market Analysis$1,260,000.00 =$700 x xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx Design $263,200.00=$940 x xxx designs
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx $400,000.00=$40,000 x 10 products
xxxxxxxxx Testing $257,600.00=$2,800 x 92 xxxxx
c) xxx much cost would xxxxx xx xxx basis for for xxxxxxx an R&D xxx with xx xxxxxxx company on x xxxxxxxx xxxx
xxxxx consume xxx hours xx analysis time, require xxx xxxxxxx

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Submitted by archmage on Sat, 2014-01-25 11:57
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Full Solutions :)

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Thank you xxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (113 words)

Question x

xx Costsxxxxxxx Usage
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 126,900 xxxxx
Actualxxxxxxxx130,800 hours
a.)MOH xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx
b.) xxxxxxx OH $4,370.00
xxxxxxx Debit xxxxxx
xxxx xx Goods Soldxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Overhead$4,370

Question 2

1-May xxxxxxx x 4,510Units xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxMaterials * 5,780 Beginning* xxx 30%
xxxxxx Labor x 3,120 xxxxxxx * xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1,960Transferred out x xxxxx
a.) xxx May xxxxxBeginning WIP$2,810xxxxxx
b.) xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx $4.43
c.)xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxx cost, xxxxxxxxxxx out xxxxxxx
e.)Cost xx Inventory $3,234

xxxxxxxx x

Standard Custom
Direct Labor Costs $59,100 xxxxxxxx
Machine xxxxx* xxxxx * 1,340
xxxxx xxxxx* 99 x 410
xxxxxxxxx xx $308,100
xx to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xx to xxxxx$109,700
a.) xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx rate xxxxxxx
xxx Machining $81.31
Machine xxxxx$215.52
xxxTraditional xxxxxxx
Standard $103,400
Custom $204,700
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx costing
xxxxxxxx $110,779
xxxxxx $197,321

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Submitted by rubyCpaMba on Thu, 2014-01-23 00:05
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Acme Manufacturing _correct w/ Solutions ! Use it as a GUIDE ! ACCOUNTANT you can trust!

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solution Answers xxxxxxxxx  Please xxxxx the xxxxxxx tab inside the excel file to xxx xxx xxxxxxx completely.

xxx xx as x xxxxx x


Fxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx NOT xxxx xx xxxx for xxxxx instead xxx xx xx a GUIDE in making xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x



xxxx xxxx !  I wish you the xxxxx


xxx xxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx please contact me first so we xxx xxxxxx it properly.


file1.xlsx preview (341 words)


R&x xxxxxxxxxx xxxx into xxxx pools xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx annual costs:
Market Analysis* xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Design x 2,350,000
xxxxxxx Development * 3,600,000
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx* 1,400,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx determines xxxx the appropriate xxxx drivers and their xxxxx for the four activities are:
Activitiesxxxx xxxxxxxTotal xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxx Analysis xxxxx of analysis1500 xxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Number xx designs 2500 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Number xx products xx products
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Number xx tests 500 xxxxx
a) Compute xxx activity-based overhead xxxx xxx xxxx pool. Use appropriate xxxxx formulas xx show xxxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxx computations)
Market Analysis $700.00 xxx hour xxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx
Product Design$940.00 per xxxxxx=2350000/2500 x $940
xxxxxxx Development $40,000.00 xxx product=3600000/90 x $40,000
xxxxxxxxx Testing$2,800.00 per xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxx
xx How much xxxx xxxxx xx charged to xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx department xxxx consumed 1,800 xxxxx of
xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx provided xxx xxxxxxx relating xx xx xxxxxxxx and requested 92 engineering xxxxxx
Show your xxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx excel cell computations)
xxxxxx Analysisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = $1,260,000
xxxxxxx Design xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx
Product Development xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = $400,000
xxxxxxxxx Testing$257,600.00xxxxxxxx = $257,600
Total $2,180,800.00
c) xxx xxxx xxxx would serve xx the basis xxx

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