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Submitted by ramrog on Sat, 2012-05-26 15:19
due on Wed, 2012-05-30 15:15
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another Finance 419 question.

please follow direstions listed inside attachments

Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-05-29 16:48
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Answer-100% correct solution from a CPA and CFA

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xxx xx xxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (759 words)


xxxxxx x
The Capital budgeting decisions are xxx xxx essentials of xxx and xxxxx business as xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx to xxxx xxxxxxxx for business xxxxxxx xx xxxx
1. xxxxxxxxxxx decisions: xxxxxxxxx taken xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx maintain xxxxxxx xxxxx xx business.
xx xxx take Decisions on xxxxxxxxxxxx
3. xxxx the help xx this xxxxxxx we can xxxx decisions xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx new services.
4. Or xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx on xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxx 2
xx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx exceptionally profitable xxxxxxxxx due to the presence of xxxxxxxx and burgeoning xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx competition, and xxxx xxx xxxx x xxxxxxx don’t have xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx barriers xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx pulling down xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx to the required rate of xxxxxxx
xxxxxx x Project x
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Factor xxxxxxCummulative xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PV
xxxxxxxx x -110000
x xxxxx xxxxxx 17856xxxxxxxxxx
x300000.7972 2391650000 41772
3 xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 90000 70244
x 50000 0.6355 31775 xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx0.5674 39718 xxxxxx 141737
IRR xxx
xxxxxxx Period 3Years (20000/50000)*12 Months
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Discounted Payback

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Submitted by shahimermaid on Sun, 2012-05-27 00:56
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the answer is explained in the simplest way

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xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx please xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Why xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx so important?

A firm has xxxx xxxxxxx to invest in. Some xxxxxxxx seem xxxx but xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx not turn xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx firm xxxxxxxxx xxx profitability xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx The projects xxxx are more xxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxx on the less profitable xxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx selection of xxx projects. xxx projects xxxx xxxxxxx return xx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx The techniques help to take time value xx money into consideration and then xxxx judgment.

xxx xx it xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx exceptionally xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

There xxx many xxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxx finds xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx projects but as xxxx xx

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Submitted by Smalhotra on Mon, 2012-05-28 03:08
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Solution in Excel attachment

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xxxxxxx Budgeting is very xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx any xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx it xxxxxxxx xxxx amount xx xxxxxxxxxx by xxx firm, xx Once xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx cannot xx easily xxxxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxxxxxxx which results xx capital loss, xx these xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx term implications on the xxxxx and d) xx xxxxxxxx uncertainty and risk for xxx xxxxxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (788 words)


xxxxxxx A
YearAmountxxxxxxxx Factor @12%PV xxxxxxxxxxx Amount xxxxxxxxxxx xx
x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx17856 20000xxxxx
2 xxxxx 0.79720000000000002 xxxxx50000 41772
x40000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
4 xxxxx0.63549999999999995 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
x 70000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 39718210000xxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxx
xxxxxxx Period xxxxxx(20000/50000)*12xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Months
Discounted Payback xxxxxx4Years (110000-102019)/39718
4Years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx 2.4112996626214813Months
Profitability xxxxx=PV xx Future cash inflows/Investment
= 1.1976090909090908
xxxxxxx x
YearAmount Discount Factor xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Cummulative xx
0 -110000 xxxxxxxx
140000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx40000 xxxxx
x xxxxx0.7972000000000000231888xxxxxxxxxx
3 40000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx120000 xxxxx
xxxxxx0.6354999999999999525419.999999999996160000 xxxxxx
5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx200000xxxxxx
xxxxxxx Period xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMonths
2Years xMonths
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx (110000-96072)/25420
3Years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Index=xx of xxxxxx cash

- - - more text follows - - -

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