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Anew group has just started at your company. Your boss has asked you to assist in a portion of the ethics training for the new employees.

Prepare a power point presentation discussing the following information for your training program 6-8 slides 100-150 words of speaker notes per slide with references


 1.) Why law is needed in soceity. 2.) The difference between law and ethics. 3.) The difference between values and ethics. 4.) How harmaony is established between law and ethics. 5.) Identification and explanation of 1 specific theory ( social contract theory, role model ethics, rational ethics, ethical relativism, utilitarianism, etc.)

Submitted by neel on Mon, 2012-11-26 11:57
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ethical training program for new employees

body preview (6 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx program xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

file1.pptx preview (1188 words)

ethical xxxxxxxx program xxx xxx employees

xxxxxxxxx To: Submitted By: Course Title: Date:



This xx an xxxxxxx training xxxxxxx intended xxx xxx employees to provide xx xxxxxxxx xx xxx laws xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxx company. Employee ethics training provides employees the tools xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx legal xxx ethical.

xx’x no xxxxxx that today’x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx much is xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx now and xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx should xx made xxxxxxxxx xx organizations to avoid xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx who face xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx and they xxxx xxxxxx introvert. xxxxxxxxx ethical training xxxxxx be xxxx to xxxx new xxxxxxxxx realize xxxx they xxx not alone xxx help is

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