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Submitted by xxsteffaniixx on Mon, 2012-09-03 12:22
due on Fri, 2012-09-07 12:19
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Algebra Writing 300 words total Due today

150 words

Can a linear equation and a linear inequality be solved in the same way? Explain why. What makes them different?




150 words

What are the four steps for solving a problem? Should any other factors be accounted for when solving a problem? Should any factors be accounted for when explaining how to solve a problem? Explain your answer.


Please use page 111 of the attached text for the second question

Submitted by Kenzym04 on Mon, 2012-09-03 17:39
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Algebra Writing

body preview (412 words)

Algebra xxxxxxx


150 xxxxx


Can x linear equation xxx a linear inequality xx xxxxxx in the xxxx xxxx Explain why. xxxx makes xxxx xxxxxxxxxx 


xxxx but with the following two xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx If you multiply xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx the inequality sign xx xxxxxxxx (> becomes). xxxxxx and subtracting numbers have no effect xx xxx direction of the inequality. xxxxx xx you have a xxxx equals' sign, then it is xxxxxxxxxx by the multiplication. xxx xxxx is xxxx xx xxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxx of both sides. Example: xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx 1/x = xx xxxx xxx reciprocal xxx x x 1/2.


With the xxxxxxxxxx x / x 1 x 2. You could also xxxxx xx by xxxxxxxxxxx both sides by xx then dividing both xxxxx xx 2, xxx xxx 2 2. Another xxxxxxxx x x x > xx Subtract 3 from xxxx sides: xx > xx xxxxxxxx both xxxxx xx -1: x x + x, then xxxxxxxx x from xxxx xxxxxx -4 > xx which means the xxxx as x < -4


xxx xxxxx


xxxx are the four xxxxx for xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx Should xxx xxxxx factors

- - - more text follows - - -

file1.docx preview (381 words)

Algebra Writing

150 xxxxx

xxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and x xxxxxx inequality xx solved xx the xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx why. xxxx xxxxx xxxx different? 

Yes, but with xxx following two xxxxx xx remember. If xxx multiply or divide xxxx xxxxx by x negative xxxxxxx then xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxxxxxxx x> becomes). xxxxxx xxx subtracting xxxxxxx xxxx xx effect xx xxx direction of the xxxxxxxxxxx Also, if xxx have a xxxx equals' xxxxx xxxx it xx xxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx same xx xxxx xx you take the xxxxxxxxxx xx both xxxxxx Example: xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx = xx xxxx the reciprocal and x = 1/2.

xxxx xxx inequality 1 x x 1 x xx You xxxxx also xxxxx xx by xxxxxxxxxxx both sides by x, then xxxxxxxx both xxxxx xx 2, and xxx 2 2. Another example: 3 x x > xx xxxxxxxx x from xxxx xxxxxx -x > 4. Multiply both sides by -1: x 7 x xx then xxxxxxxx 7 xxxx both sides: xx > xx xxxxx means xxx xxxx xx x < xx

xxx xxxxx

xxxx are xxx four steps for solving a problem? xxxxxx xxx xxxxx factors be accounted

- - - more text follows - - -

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