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Submitted by kittenfoot on Thu, 2012-08-09 09:46
due on Mon, 2012-08-13 09:39
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Acct Homework help

Acct Homework help

accounting Problems need to be completed by Sunday 12noon eastern time zone.. I have attached the problems

Submitted by neel on Sat, 2012-08-11 11:02
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Accounting assignment

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here you go..............................................

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xxxx Net xxxxxx
x x xxx
x 8000
e xxxxxx
f0 -600
P4-2A xxxxxx Stock xxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx Dr xx Dr Cr
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxAmount Particularxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Particularxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx $21,750 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Utilities xxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 180
Insurance xxxxxxx220
xxxxxxx Insurance220
Total xxTotal$21,750xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Revenue 3900
Salaries xxxxxxx Prepaid Insurance
Salaries xxxxxxx 1250 Drxx xxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1250 xxxxxxxxxx Amount Particular xxxxxx Particular xxxxxx Particular Amount
Opening xxxxxxx $4,000 Opening Balance xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx $220
xxxxxxxxxxxx Expense 250
Accumulated Depreciation250 xxxxx$4,000Total $0Total $2,640 Total $220
Service xxxxxxx3500
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Accounts Payable Service Revenue
DrCr xx xx
Particularxxxxxx Particular Amount xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxParticularAmount
Opening Balance $4,540Opening xxxxxxx$8,000
Unearned xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Accounts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Total $4,540 Total xx xxxxxxxxxxxx
Office Equipment Supplies
Dr xx xxCr
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxParticular xxxxxxParticular xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAmount
Opening xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Balance xxxxxx Supplies xxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxx Total $0xxxxx $2,000 Total xxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Service xxxxxxx Rent Expense
xx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxParticularxxxxxxParticular Amountxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Opening Balance $5,200 xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Balancexxxxxx
Total xxxxxxTotalxxxxxx Total$2,000Total$0
xxxxxxxx Receivable xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx xx
Particularxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxParticularAmount xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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