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Submitted by lilell on Sun, 2013-08-04 09:36
due on Mon, 2013-08-05 09:35
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ACC 206 WEEK 2 Ashford University

Submitted by excellentassi... on Thu, 2014-02-13 16:28
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ACC 206 Week 2 assignment

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a. xxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx preferred shares xxxx were issued xxxxxx xxxxx 
Preferred stock x Paid xx capital$580,000
xxx Value $100
xxxxxx xx xxxxx 5800
b. xxxxxxxxx the average issue xxxxx of the xxxxxx stock xxxx in 20X6. 
20x6 xxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $1,750,000
xxx Valuexxx xxx
Number xx Shares xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx xx Shares issued xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx - xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Paid xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxx$4,620,000 xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx proceeds recd. xxxxxxxxxx
Issue price per xxxxx $27.00
c. By what amount xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx paid-in xxxxxxx increase xxxxxx xxxxx 
Preferred xxxxx - xxx Value$580,000 $500,000
xxxx in xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx$0
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the yer$104,000
xxxxxx Stock - xxx Valuexxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Paid xx capital xx excess xx par xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Total $6,970,000 $5,350,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx yer xxxxxxxxxx
Total Increase xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $1,724,000
d. Did Star's xxxxx legal xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx decrease during 20X6? By what xxxxxxx 
xxx legal xxxxxxx xx xxx company xxx increase as xxxxxx
Preferred xxxxx$80,000
xxxxxx Stock$600,000


Southlke xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx A xxxx x Case x
xx Cash xxxxxx on the issuance date xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $945,000
xx Total xxxx outflow through maturity $900,000$900,000 xxxxxxxx
c. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx cost xxxx the xxxx xx the bond xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.xlsx preview (272 words)


xxx 206
Problem 1
Star Corporation
x Number xx Preferred Shares Issued x ($600,000 - xxxxxxxxx / xxxx = xxx xxxxxx
bxxxxxx xx xxxxxx Shares Issued x ($2,350,000 x xxxxxxxxxxx x xxx = 60,000 shares
Average Issue xxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxx + xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxx - $3,600,000) / xxxxxx shares = xxx xxx share
xIncrease in Paid in xxxxxxx = ($16,064,000 - $8,470,000) - ($12,570,000 x $6,920,000) x xxxxxxxxxx
dIncrease xx Legal Capital x ($600,000 x $2,350,000 - $500,000 x $1,550,000) x $680,000
Problem 2
Northern Corporation
xxxx x Case x xxxx C
x * 800,000x xxxxxxx * xxxxxxx
b* 800,000* 800,000x 800,000
cx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx* xxxxxxx
dx 46,667 x xxxxxx* xxxxxx
x x (13,333) x xxxxxxxxx 3,750
f 0.0 xxx * xxxxxx
x xxxx xxxxxxxxx
x * xxxxxxx * 757,333xxxxx
xxxxxxx 3
J & B Manufacturing Materials xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
Materials and xxxxxxxx used
Brass* xxxxxx * 80,000
Repair parts x xxxxxx
Machine lubricantsx 8,000
xxxxx and xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx operators x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx* xxxxxxx
Production xxxxxxxxxxx* 62,000
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx * 39,000
Other factory overhead
Variable* xxxxxx
xxxxxx 48,000
Totalsx 80,000 * 140,000 * 220,000 * 344,000
xxxxxxx 4
x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxxx xx xxxx of Goods Manufactured
xxx xxx Year xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx
xxxx xx Process, Jan 1* xxxxxx
Direct xxxxxxxxx Used:
Raw xxxxxxxxxx Jan 1 * 31,000
Direct xxxxxxxxx Purchases * 87,000
Raw Materials Available for Use* xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx* (11,000)
xxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxx Materials, Dec 31* xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Materials Used* xxxxxx
xxxxxx Labor* xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Overhead
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx* xxxxxx
Indirect Labor x xxxxxx
Depreciation-Factory * xxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxx
Factory xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 78,000
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx * xxxxxxx
xxxx xx xxxxxxxx Dec 31 * (21,000)
xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx *

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by xoon on Tue, 2014-02-11 22:40
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Fresh work 100% correct answer A+++++++++++++++++++TUTORIAL GUARANTEED PERFECT perfect calculations A++ paper the best answer here on site

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xxxxxxxxx to assignment xx xxxxxxxxxxx (July 23)
Chapter 2
E3-1 Star xxxxxxxxxxx
xx Increase in Preferred xxxxx account xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx$80,000
÷ xxx value per xxxxxxxxx share$100
Number xx xxxxxxxxx shares xxxxxx in xxxx800
b) xxxxxxxx in Common Stock account ($2,350,000 - $1,750,000)$ 600,000
Increase in xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xx Par x Common 1,020,000
xxxxx increase xx common stock xxxxxxxx$ 1,620,000
÷ xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx of xxxxxx shares xxxxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxxx
Average xxxxx price per xxxxxx xxxxx issued in 20X6 $27.00
c) 20X6 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx$ 16,044,000x 12,770,000
Less: Retained earnings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxx $ xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx$ xxxxxxxxx
xx20X620X5 Increase
Preferred xxxxxx xxxx par xxxxx x 580,000 x 500,000
xxxxxx stock, $10 par xxxxx2,350,000 1,750,000
xxxxx xxxxx capital x xxxxxxxxxx 2,250,000$ 680,000
P1-2 Southlake xxxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxx x Case x xxxx C
xxxxx xxx xxxxx xx bonds x 900,000$ 900,000x xxxxxxx
x Quoted price100%xxxxxxx
xxxx inflow xx xxx issuance xxxx$ xxxxxxx$ xxxxxxx $ 945,000
xxCase xxxxx xCase x
Total xxx value xx xxxxx$ xxxxxxx $ xxxxxxxx 900,000
x Annual coupon xxxxxxxx rate xxxx 8%
Annual coupon xxxxxxxx paymentx xxxxxx $ 72,000 $ xxxxxx
x Number of xxxxx to maturity xx10xx
xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx payments $ 720,000 x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Add: xxx value xx the bonds 900,000900,000 900,000
Total xxxx xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by SolutionGuru on Sun, 2013-08-04 12:21
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ACC 206 Week 2 Exercise Assignment__100% CORRECTLY SOLVED__A+ OR MONEY BACK GURANTEE

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ACC 206 Week x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CORRECTLY xxxxxxxxxx xx MONEY xxxx GURANTEE

file1.doc preview (1322 words)

Chapter x xxxxxxxx xx

Issuance xx stock

Cash xxxxxxxx х $20)……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxxx х $1)………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 100,000

Paid-in xxxxxxx xx Excess xx Par xxxxxxxx х xxxx……… xxxxxxxxxx

Cash (100,000 xx $20)……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

xxxxxx Stock xxxxxxxx xx $5)………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 500,000

Paid-in Capital xx Excess xx

xxxxxx Value xxxxxxxx х xxxx…………………………xx xxxxxxxxxx

Cash (100,000 х xxxx……………………………………………………… xxxxxxxxxx

Common xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx (100,000 xx $20)………… 2,000,000

Chapter 2 Exercise 3:

Analysis of stockholders' xxxxxx

Number xx xxxxxxxxx shares xxxx were issued during 20X6 x $(580,000−xxxxxxxxxxxxx

= 800 xxxxxxx

xxx average xxxxx xxxxx xx the xxxxxx stock xxxx in 20X6:

xxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6 x

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (1320 words)

xxxxxxx x Exercise 1:

Issuance xx stock

xxxx (100,000 х xxxx……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

xxxxxx xxxxx (100,000 х xxx………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 100,000

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xx Par xxxxxxxx xx xxxx……… 1,900,000

Cash xxxxxxxx х xxxx……………………………………………………… 2,000,000

xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 500,000

xxxxxxx Capital in Excess of

Stated Value (100,000 xx xxxx………………………….. xxxxxxxxxx

Cash xxxxxxxx х $20)……………………………………………………… xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx (100,000 xx xxxx………… 2,000,000

Chapter x xxxxxxxx 3:

Analysis xx stockholders' equity

xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx shares that xxxx issued xxxxxx xxxx x $(580,000−xxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxx average xxxxx xxxxx of xxx common xxxxx sold in xxxxx

Number xx common xxxxxx xxxx xxxx issued during xxxx x

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by alltutorials on Mon, 2014-09-01 20:08
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ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment ( Week Two Problems ) ~ ( Latest Syllabus - Updated Jan, 2015 - Perfect Tutorial - Scored 100% )

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file1.docx preview (1192 words)


Week xxx xxxxxxxx

xxxx 2 xxxxxxxxxx

ACC 206

xx xxxxxxxx xx stockholders' xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx stock xxxx par value) xxxxxx during 20X6 = 580,000 – 500,000

x xxxxxxx

Number xx xxxxxxxxxx shares issued xxxxxx xxxx

= Par value of preferred shares issued x Par value xxx xxxxx of preferred shares

x xxxxxx x 100

= xxx xxxxxx

xxxxxx stock (10 xxx value) sold xx xxxx = 2,350,000 – xxxxxxxxx

x xxxxxxxx

xxxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxx sold x 600,000 x 10

x xxxxxx shares

xxxxxxxxxx xxxx in xxxxxxx = 4,620,000 x xxxxxxxxx

= xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxx sold in xxxxx

xxx value of xxxxxx stock issued 600,000

(+) Additional paid in xxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Total issue price xx common xxxxx 1,620,000

xxxxxxx issue xxxxx

= Total xxxxx xxxxxx Number xx common stock xxxx

x 1,620,000 / xxxxxx

x $27

xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx x $27

xxxxxxxx in xxxx in xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx = 580000 – 50000 = xxxxxx

Increase in xxxx in xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx in xxxxxx of par xxxxx = 24000 – x x 24000

xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx paid xx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

x 80,000 + 24,000

= xxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by accountguru on Sun, 2013-08-04 14:06
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ACC 206 WEEK 2 Ashford University

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file1.xlsx preview (655 words)


xx Compute xxx number xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx were xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6. 
xxxxxxxxx stock - Paid in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Par Value $100
xxxxxx xx shresxxxx
xx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxx price xx the common stock xxxx xx 20X6. 
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$1,750,000
Par xxxxx $10 xxx
Number of xxxxxx235,000xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xx Shares issued 60,000
xxxxxx Stock - par xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx in capital in xxxxxx xx par $4,620,000 $3,600,000
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxx recd. xxxxxxxxxx
Issue xxxxx xxx share$27.00
xx xx xxxx xxxxxx did the company's paid-in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6? 
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxx xxxxx $580,000$500,000
xxxx xx xxxxxxx in excess xx xxx $24,000 $0
xxxxxxxxxxxxx $500,000
xxxxxxxx during xxx xxx $104,000
xxxxxx Stock - xxx xxxxx $2,350,000$1,750,000
xxxx xx capital in excess of par$4,620,000xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the yer xxxxxxxxxx
Total Increase xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Martin on Sun, 2013-08-04 11:27
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"ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment"- Guaranteed A+ Work !!

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Your Week x assignment is in attachment.Please xxxx free to message me xxxx questions,thanks

file1.xlsx preview (272 words)


xxx xxx
Problem x
Star Corporation
x xxxxxx xx Preferred xxxxxx Issued = xxxxxxxxx - $500,000) x xxxx = 800 xxxxxx
bNumber of Common Shares xxxxxx = ($2,350,000 x $1,550,000) / xxx = xxxxxx shares
xxxxxxx xxxxx Price = xxxxxxxxxxx x $4,620,000 - xxxxxxxxxx x $3,600,000) x xxxxxx shares = $27 xxx share
cIncrease in Paid in xxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx x ($12,570,000 - xxxxxxxxxxx = $1,724,000
x Increase xx Legal xxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxx + xxxxxxxxxx x $500,000 - xxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx x
Northern Corporation
xxxx ACase x Case C
xx 800,000* xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
b* xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx x 800,000
x x xxxxxxx * 592,000* xxxxxxx
d x 46,667 x 49,333* xxxxxx
ex (13,333)* xxxxxxxx* 3,750
f 0.0 xxx x 36,250
x xxx * 42,6670.0
xx 800,000* xxxxxxxxxxxx
Problem 3
J & B Manufacturing xxxxxxxxx Labor Primexxxxxxxxxx
a xx x
Materials xxx xxxxxxxx used
xxxxx x xxxxxx x 80,000
xxxxxx xxxxx* xxxxxx
Machine lubricantsx xxxxx
xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx
Machine xxxxxxxxx * 140,000x 140,000x 140,000
Production supervisorsx xxxxxx
Maintenance personnel* xxxxxx
Other factory xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx * xxxxxx
Fixed* 48,000
xxxxxx* xxxxxx x xxxxxxx x 220,000x xxxxxxx
Problem 4
x Jakob xxxxxxxxxxx Inc
xxxxxxxx xx xxxx of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
For xxx Year xxxxx December 31
xxxx in Process, Jan 1 x xxxxxx
Direct Materials Used:
xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx 31,000
Direct Materials Purchasesx xxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxx Available xxx Use x 118,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx* xxxxxxxx
Total* xxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx* xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Materials Used * xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx* 75,000
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Overhead
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx 11,000
Indirect Labor* 26,000
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxx Taxes* xxxxx
Factory xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx* xxxxxx
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx Cost * 252,000
Work in xxxxxxxx xxx 31* xxxxxxxx
Cost of Goods xxxxxxxxxxxx *

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by kalfree on Sun, 2013-08-04 10:39
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Answers to all questions

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xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx with all the xxxxxxx in it. Thank xxx xx

file1.xls preview (889 words)


xx Analysis xx stockholders' xxxxxx
xxxx Corporation issued xxxx common xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx 20X6. xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx equity xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx at xxx end of 20X6 xxx 20X5 xxxxxxxx
xxxx 20X5xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx $100 par xxxxxx xxx $580,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 5800 xxxx xxx
Common stock, xxx xxx xxxxx 2,350,000 xxxxxxxxx 23500001750000235000 xxxxxx xxxxx
Paid-in capital xx excess xx xxx value
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx —24000 0
xxxxxx 4,620,000 3,600,000xxxxxxx 3600000xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 6,920,000
Total stockholders' xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx $12,770,000
xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx were xxxxxx during xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
b. xxxxxxxxx the average xxxxx price of the xxxxxx xxxxx sold in 20X6. 27
xx xx xxxx amount xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx increase xxxxxx 20X6?1724000
d. Did xxxxxx total legal capital xxxxxxxx or decrease xxxxxx xxxxx By xxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Good_Morning on Tue, 2014-09-23 01:21
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ACC 206 Week 2 Assignment

body preview (3 words)

xxx xxx xxxx x Assignment

file1.xlsx preview (785 words)


xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Star xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx both xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx stock during xxxxx xxx stockholders' equity sections xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx sheets at the end xx xxxx and xxxx follow:+
20X6 xxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx stock, xxxx xxx value, xxx xxxxxxxx $500,000xxxxxx 500000 xxxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxx stock, xxx xxx value xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1750000235000 175000xxxxx
xxxxxxx capital in excess of xxx value
Preferred xxxxxx — 240000
Common 4,620,000 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 3600000 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx earnings 8,470,000 xxxxxxxxx
Total stockholders' equity xxxxxxxxxxx $12,770,000
a. xxxxxxx xxx number of preferred xxxxxx that were xxxxxx xxxxxx 20X6.800 shares
xx xxxxxxxxx xxx average xxxxx price of xxx common stock xxxx xx 20X6. 27
xx xx what amount did xxx company's paid-in capital xxxxxxxx during xxxxx 1724000
d. xxx Star's total xxxxx capital increase xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx By xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxyes xx increased
xx Bond xxxxxxxxxxxxx Straight-line amortization
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxx on xxxxx xx xxxxx The bonds pay interest xx March x and xxxxxxxxx x xxx xxxxxx xx 10 years. Assume xxx independent xxxxx that follow.
• Case x—xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx
• Case B—xxx bonds xxx xxxxxx xx 96.
• xxxx C—The xxxxx are issued xx xxxx
Southlake uses xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx method xx amortization.
xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Case x xxxx x xxxx Cx x C
xx Cash inflow on the xxxxxxxx xxxx _______

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by rubyCpaMba on Sun, 2013-08-04 13:17
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ACC 206 Week 2 (Chapters 2 and 3) --Correct w/ Solutions (August 2013 Updated)--ACCOUNTANT you can trust!!!

body preview (24 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx luck !  x xxxx xxx the xxxx !


xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx first so xx xxx settle xx properly.

file1.docx preview (709 words)

ACC206 Week 2: Chapters xxx and xxxxx Answers

Chapter 2 Exercise 3

xx Analysis of stockholders' xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx = xxxxxxxxx – xxxxxxxxx / $100

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx issued = xxxxxxx / $100 = xxx shares

xxxxxxx xxxxx price of xxxxxx stock x (2,350,000 + xxxxxxxxxx – (1750000 x 3600000)

Ave. xxxxx price x xxxxxxx – xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx

Ave. xxxxx Price x xxxxxxx x 60000

Ave. xxxxx Price x xxxxxx

xxxxxxx capital xxxxxxxx = xxxxxx – 0) x (4620000 – 3600000)

Paid-in capital xxxxxxxx x 24000 x xxxxxxx

Paid-in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x $1,044,000

xxxxx capital xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx -500000) x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx capital xxxxxxxx = 80000 x xxxxxx

Legal xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx = $680,000

xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx 1

xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Straight-line xxxxxxxxxxxx (Next xxxxx xxxxxx go down)


Case A

xxxx B

xxxx C

Cash xxxxxx on xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx




xxxxx xxxx outflow xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx




xxxxx xxxxxxxxx cost over the life of xxx xxxx issue




xxxxxxxx expense xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx December 31, 19X1




xxxxxxxxxxxx for the year ended December 31, 19X1




xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xx December 31, 19X1




xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx of December 31, xxxx




xxxx carrying xxxxx xx xx December 31, xxxx





Case A:

Cash xxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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