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Submitted by lilell on Tue, 2013-07-23 12:12
due on Mon, 2013-07-29 12:06
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ACC 206 Ashford University Week 1 Assignment

Need Help With Acc 206 Ashford University Week 1 Assignment. Please see Attachment for work

Submitted by geniusy_2006 on Mon, 2014-06-30 06:27
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ACC 206 Week 1 Assignment Latest One

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xxx xxx Week x Assignment xxxxxx One

file1.doc preview (661 words)

Assignment Week x

xxxxxxxxxxxxx of Accounting 206

Ch 1 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx 5:

xxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx noncash transactions, such as xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx stock for a xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx x statement of xxxx flows? xxx xxx these noncash xxxxxxxxxxxx disclosed?

xxx xxxxxxx transactions xxx xxxxxx going xx xx xxxx of xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx cash flows, when xxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxx transactions xx the statements of non cash, you are xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx of xxxxxxxx like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the report xxx help understand the statement better xxx also if xxx xxxx xx do any corrections showing these xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx process xx correcting xx would xx easier and xxxx organized.

xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx 1:

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of activitiesClassify each xx the following transactions xx xxxxxxx xxxx an operating (O), xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx (F), or noncash investing/financing (N) activity.

xxxxxxxxx Received xxxxxxx from xxx sale of xxxxx

xxxxxxxxx Received $3,200 xxxx cash sales.

xxxxxxxx paid a xxxxxx dividend.

___o___ xxxxxxxxx $8,800 of xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx

xxxxxxx Received $100,000 from the issuance xx common xxxxxx

___o___ Paid $1,200 of xxxxxxxx on a note xxxxxxxx

xxxx __ acquired x xxx laser printer xx xxxxxx xxxxx

_ xxxx acquired a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Martin on Fri, 2013-07-26 22:11
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"ACC 206 Week 1 Assignment"- Guaranteed A+ Work !!

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Your Week 1 assignment is xx attachment.Please xxxx xxxx xx message xx your questions,thanks

file1.xls preview (313 words)


Chapter xx Exercise 1
x x
x x
f O
x x
xxxxxxx 1, xxxxxxxx 4
x True. xxxx xxx format xx reporting xxxxxxxx
xTrue xxxxxxx depreciation expense is a noncash expense.
x False. xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx method will xxxx the same cash xxxxx xxxx financing xxxxxxxxxxx
dFalse. xxxx xxxx to suppliers is normally disclosed under direct method.
x xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Inventory appears when xxxxxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxx xxxxx
Chapter xx xxxxxxxx 6
a xxxxxxxxxx Dec xxx 19X3 * 527,000
xxx xxxxxxxxx Purchasedx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx Dec xxx xxxx * xxxxxxxxx
Cost of Equipment xxxx x xxxxxxx
Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxxx Dec xxx xxxx * xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx Expense, xxxx* xxxxxx
Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx 31, 19X4 x (316,000)
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx xxxx x 66,000
xCost of xxxxxxxxx xxxxx 155,000
xxxxxxxxxxx Depreciation of Equipment xxxx * (66,000)
xxxx Value xx Machine Sold x xxxxxx
Loss on Sale of xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx
Selling Price xx Equipment Sold* 80,000
x xxxx Flows from xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx Sale of xxxxxxxxx * xxxxx
Cash xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx Activities
Sale of xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx
1 Cash xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Cash Received from Customers * xxxxxxx
Cash Paid to Suppliers * xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx Paid * (42,400)

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Submitted by accountguru on Wed, 2013-07-24 02:54
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ACC 206 Ashford University Week 1 Assignment

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Non xxxx transactions xxx disclosed in xxx xxxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxx in a xxxxxxxx section. Although no cash xx xxxxx xx received in such xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx since these are xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of investing xxx financing xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx must xx xxxxx xx xxx Statement of xxxx xxxxx as x sepearte xxxxx Suppose the company xxx purchase xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx stock of the xxxxxxxx xxxxx no xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx transaction will xxx xx xxxxxxxx in xxx Statement of cash flows. However, since xx xx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx should be shown as xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx at xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx of cash xxxxxx


xx __(I)______ xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx from the sale of land. 
b. ___(O)_____ Received xxxxxx from xxxx sales. 
xx xxxxxxxxxxx Paid x xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 
d. ___(O)_____ xxxxxxxxx $8,800 xx

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Submitted by alltutorials on Mon, 2014-09-01 18:37
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ACC 206 Week 1 Assignment ( Chapter One Problems ) ~ A + Work With References

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file1.doc preview (996 words)

Chapter One xxxxxxxxxx

Week 1 xxxxxxxxxxx

ACC 206

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Ch 1 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Question 5:

xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx questions: �Why are noncash xxxxxxxxxxxxx such xx xxx exchange xx xxxxxx xxxxx for a xxxxxxxxx included xx a statement xx cash xxxxxx How xxx xxxxx noncash transactions disclosed?


x xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx consists of a xxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx cash. When considering the xxxx xx xxxxxxxx of common xxxxx xxx building xxxxx xx no xxxx xx cash. xxxx implies xxxx xxxx xxx disclosed as xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx

Chapter x Exercise 1:

1. Classification of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx following xxxxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxx from xx operating (O), xxxxxxxxx (I), financing xxxx or noncash investing/financing (N) xxxxxxxxx

__I______ xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx from xxx xxxx of xxxxx

__O__ ____ xxxxxxxx $3,200 from xxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx xxxx a $5,000 xxxxxxxxx

__O______ xxxxxxxxx $8,800 xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by Alvin on Fri, 2013-09-20 12:12
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ACC 206 Week 1 Exercise Assignment Chapter One Problems

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xxxx assignment is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for purchasing my this xxxxxxxxxxx

file1.xls preview (316 words)


Chapter xx xxxxxxxx x
a I
b xNeo
e x
x x
x x
xxxxxxx 1, xxxxxxxx x
aTrue. xxxx the xxxxxx of reporting differs.
bxxxx because depreciation expense is a noncash expense.
xFalse. xxxx direct and xxxxxxxx xxxxxx will show the xxxx xxxx flows xxxx xxxxxxxxx activities.
xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx suppliers xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx under xxxxxx xxxxxxx
e xxxxxx Dollar Change xx the xxxxxxxxxxx Inventory xxxxxxx when xxxxxxxx xxxxxx is being used.
Chapter xx Exercise x
aEquipment, Dec 31, xxxx* 527,000
xxx xxxxxxxxx Purchased* xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx xxx 31, 19X4x xxxxxxxxx
xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx Sold * 155,000
Accumulated Depreciation, Dec 31, 19X3x 341,000
xxxxxxxxxxxx Expense, xxxx x 41,000
Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx x (316,000)
Accumulated xxxxxxxxxxxx of Equipment xxxxx 66,000
x xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx Sold* 155,000
xxxxxxxxxxx Depreciation xx xxxxxxxxx Sold* (66,000)
Book Value xx Machine xxxx x 89,000
Loss xx Sale xx Equipment* (9,000)
Selling xxxxx xx Equipment xxxx * 80,000
xCash Flows from xxxxxxxxx Activities
Loss on Sale xx Equipment x xxxxx
Cash xxxxx from xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xCash Flows xxxx Operating Activities:
xxxx xxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx
xxxx Paid to xxxxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxx
Taxes xxxx * (42,400)

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by SolutionGuru on Wed, 2013-07-31 03:48
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Acc 206 Week One Exercise Solution____SECURE A+ OR MONEY BACK GURANTEE

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xxx xxx Week One xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx OR xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx

file1.xls preview (1139 words)


xxx xxxxxxxx Thinking xx 5 xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx such xx xxx xxxxxxxx of common stock xxx a building xxx example, xxxxxxxx xx a statement xx cash flows? xxx xxx these xxxxxxx transactions xxxxxxxxxx
Ques x xxxx
xx xx necessary xxx xx investor or xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx non-case transections xx xxx business. xxxxx transections can xxxxxxxx production xxxxxxxx of a xxxxxxxx
Non-cash xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx activities are included xx xxxxxxxxx xx direct method. Mainly non cash transections like xxxxxxx of xxxxxx with xxxxxxx converting debt xxxx equity etc. But xxxx other noncash xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx account receivable, payable, xxxxxxxxxxxxx amortization xxx are adjusted with xxx income in xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and thus xxxxxxxx in xxxx xxxx statement.
Chapter x xxxxxxxx xx
xx Classification of activities
xxxxxxxx each of the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx as arising xxxx xx operating xxxx investing xxxx financing (F), or xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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