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500 words hat strategies would you suggest to protect Ken 7 Windows data throughout the entire organization

Part of the implementation plan for the Ken 7 Windows Limited new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software application is a complete review of the Ken 7 Windows Limited business continuity plan (BCP), and disaster recovery plan (DRP), including their backup and restore plans. You are a disaster recovery analyst and have been given the responsibility to develop backup strategies that will minimize the impact to Ken 7 operations and provide protection from losing more than four hours of data resulting from any disruption.

After reviewing the Ken 7 Windows Limited current environment and the proposed new ERP software environment, you have identified the following separate types of computer backup needs:

- Desktop workstations: These workstations are stationary and always connected to the Ken 7 network. Ken 7 Windows Limited uses workstations for both administrative and operations purposes. While most important data is stored on shared file servers, some files are stored locally on each workstation.

- Laptop computers: Laptops are routinely used by sales people and other employees and contractors who work at various locations. These mobile workstations often use some downloaded data to operate in local mode and periodically upload modified data to a Ken 7 server. It is important to protect local Ken 7 laptop data when these workstations are not connected to the Ken 7 network.

- Data centric server computers: Several server computers store large amounts of shared data and must be protected with frequent backups. These server computers include database servers, authentication servers, and application servers.

- Nondata centric server computers: Ken 7 Windows Limited also uses server computers, such as Web servers, that are important to the Ken 7 Windows Limited environment but do not contain data that changes frequently. These servers should be backed up but not as frequently as data centric servers.

Your Assignment

After reviewing the requirements, what strategies would you suggest to protect Ken 7 Windows data throughout the entire organization for each of the above?

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Prior to selecting a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx strategy, x disaster xxxxxxxx planner xxxxxx refer to their organization's business xxxxxxxxxx plan which should indicate xxx xxx xxxxxxx of recovery xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx and recovery xxxx objective xxxxx for various business xxxxxxxxx (such xx xxx process to run xxxxxxxx generate an order, xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx then xx mapped xx xxx underlying IT xxxxxxx and infrastructure xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx the xxx xxx xxx metrics have xxxx xxxxxx xx IT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the DR planner xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx suitable xxxxxxxx strategy for xxxx xxxxxxx xx important note xxxx however xx that the xxxxxxxx ultimately xxxx the xx budget and xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx metrics xxxx xx fit with the

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