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500 word answer to each...

500 word answer to each of the two questions.


In your post, you may choose one essay question to answer. In your post I look for demonstrated familiarity with the course content, synthesized understanding, critical analysis, and most importantly your original thinking. Your post is worth five points. You grades should reflect the quality of your work along these criteria. As a general guideline, your post should be about 500 words.

It is an open note, open book test, and you are required to work on your own independently. Let me know should you have any questions and please list all the references, including the textbook, academic books and journals, and any online resources, at the end of your post.

there is an online sample of book that leaves out pages occationally.



chapter 12 question.1.      Congress is both a representative institution and a policymaking institution. The promise of Congress, therefore, is twofold. Discuss the primary responsibilities of Congress and their pertinence to the core democratic values.


chapter 13 question. The job of the American president is too big and too difficult for any one individual to accomplish on their own. Over the course of history, many presidents have used a variety of advisors and organizations to help manage their duties. Explain and discuss the presidency as an organization and the implications of properly or improperly staffing the various positions in effective execution of the office. In your answer, you may suggest how the organization of the White House staff might tell us something about the management style of the president.


seperate attachment for each 










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body preview (41 words)

xxx first xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the congress xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx in government by elected members. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx which xxx citizens xxx xxxx xxxxxxx them xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx on how xxxx xxxx xx xx governed

file1.doc preview (535 words)

xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx PRESIDENCY � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

American xxxxxxxxxx



American xxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx has xxxx the course of xxx xxxxxxx continued xx become a formidable xxxxxx of power xxx can at xxxxxxx be said to xxxx power equivalent to that xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx the xxxxxxxx government. xxx xxxxxxxxx xx the modern presidency are xxx product xx a xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx influence. xxxx of the core xxxxxxxxx of this office are xxxxxxxxx over xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx president xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xx chief, xxxxxxxxxx functions including xxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx treaties xxxx xxxxxxx nations, xxx xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxx Supreme xxxxxx xxx other officers and legislative xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx legislation. xxx xxxxxx xx staff around the presidency has also xxxxxxxxx xxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (575 words)

Running xxxxx RESPONSIBILITIES OF CONGRESS xxx xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �1�

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Congress



Responsibilities of Congress

The first responsibility of xxx xxxxxxxx xx representation xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx government xx elected members. The elected xxxxxxx are the xxxxxxxx through xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx elected them xxxxxxx their xxxxx and xxxxxxx xx xxx they xxxx xx be governed. This aspect of congress xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is xxx to xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx of the population have x voice in congress xxx hence xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx elected representatives. xxxxx & Smith, xxxxxx Through xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in congress, each citizen is xxxxxxxx the political freedom xxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx policies xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx very important with xxxxxxx to xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx

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