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Submitted by xxsteffaniixx on Tue, 2012-10-09 16:30
due on Sat, 2012-10-13 16:28
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37 algebra questions

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Submitted by Coloratus on Wed, 2012-10-10 18:59
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file1.docx preview (285 words)

xxxx work for number xx

m xx xxx xxxxx of xxx xxxx represented with xxxxxxxx x x xx + xx x xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx x xxxx be a xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx how xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx And it is xxx price xxx mile xxx xxxxxxxxx oil xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

m x xxxx

x xxxxx’t xxxxxx xx x, and xx is there, xxxxxxx x = x xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx is the xxxxx cost of owning xxx xxx for xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx it b =150.10

xx the xxxxx cost xx owning the car for one xxxxx xxxxxxx driving xxx


xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is

Show work xxx xxxxxx xx

We xxxx to xxxxx it xxx L. xx xxxx xxxxx we can reverse the xxxx and xxx right side xx equation:

Now xxxxxx xxx xxxxx equation xxxx xx

xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx out xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxx with xx

The H/H xxxx cancels out,

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.docx preview (232 words)


C The xxxxxxx when y=3 xx xx xx

xxxx xxxx for number xxx

In xxxxx to solve this system of equations xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx we xxx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx of x: Now substitute xxxx value xx xxx second equation, but have to xx xxxxxxx to xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxx we return it to get xx

So xxx solution xx xxx xxx

Show xxxx for number 17:

We can xxxx the xxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx xxxx and the xxxxx of xxx current xxxx x When xxx tugboat xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx speed xx xxx tugboat xx , xxxxx xxx current slows it down. xx xxxx xxxx xx makes xxx miles in xx hours and since xxx formula xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx is , we xxx write:

and xxxxxxx for xxx downstream xxxx (total speed xx xxx the xxxxx

xxx we xxxx xxxxxx xx two equations, xx xxx xxxxx xx by xxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.docx preview (185 words)




xxxx work xxx 22:

The xxxxxxxx that models xxx number xx xxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx xx time passed can xx xxxxxxx xx linear equation:

In this xxxxx b xx xxxxxxx value xx xxx barrel xxx xx xx 109. The xxxxx xx a is xxx xxxxx and it xxxx how x xxxxxxx in time xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx drained (disappearing) xx xxxx 10 xxxxxxx xxx minute, x is xxxx

xx we xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx

f x xxxx xxx (b, q), (c, p), xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx is xxx xx c, xxxxxxx xxxxx is xxx q, p}.

xxxxxxx xxx 0), xxx xxxx

xxxxxxxxx it xxxxx xx also 45, depending on xxx xxxxxxxx system, but xx should xx xxxx likely)

Points xxx xxxx xx (0, 0), xxx xx

Points xxx line xx (0, 7), xxx xx

(1, 4)

xxxx work xxx xxxxxx 28:

xx order to determine the xxxx (x) in which xxxxx were 1.4 million inmates, xx xxxx xxxx 1.4 xx x xxx solve equation for x:

xx xxx in year 2004.

xxxx work xxx xxxxxx xxx

xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx net xxxxx was $370,000 xxx there xxx about families, then the xxxxx xxxxxx net xxxxx in country xxx

xxxxxxx xxx 0), (0, 4)

file4.docx preview (60 words)

t= x

C. xxxxx are no solutions



xxxx work xxx 39:

xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx multiply one xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xx that a terms xxxxxx out:

Now we xxx xxxxx two equations together:

xxx xx return it to any xx the equations, xxx’x xxx xxx xxxxx one:

xx the solution is xxxxxxx pair xxxx xxx

file5.docx preview (170 words)

points: xxx xxxx xxx 0)

Show xxxx for number xxx

xx xx have two xxxxxxx xxxxxxx 18000) and B(2000, 40000), we can find xxx xxxxx of the xxxx passing xxxxxxx those xxx xxxxxxx

Now xx just xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

xxx slope tells us xxx xxx xxxxxx changes with the xxxxxx of xxxxxx We see that xxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxxx so:

The xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx increasing xx xxx xxxx xx $1100 per xxxxx

xx the xxxxxxxxx from (b) xx xxxxx we xxx calculate the median xxxxxx income xx 2004 xx xxxxxx the median xxxxxx income in xxxx and xxx xxxx xx has xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx

In 4 years it has changed xxx or x * $1100 x xxxxxx so the xxxxxx family xxxxxx in xxxx is:

Show work for xxxxxx xxx

If we xxxx xxx base xx the triangle xxxx b xxx xxx xxxxxx with xx xx xxxxx

xx xxxx be xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxx fraction).

xx now the xxxx is:

So xxx area xx yd2.










xxxxxxx (0, -6), xxx xx


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