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Submitted by eyezee on Wed, 2013-10-16 20:19
due on Mon, 2013-10-21 00:00
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206 week 5

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Submitted by excellentassi... on Sat, 2014-01-04 18:10
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ACC 206 week 5 assignment

body preview (3 words)

ACC xxx week 5 xxxxxxxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (1232 words)


xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx value of xxx xxxxxxxxx cash flows, rounding xx the xxxxxxx dollar:
a.       A xxxxxx xxxx inflow of $12,000 xx xxxx xxxxxx discounted xx a 12% xxxx xx return.
xx      An annual receipt of $16,000 over the xxxx xx xxxxxx discounted xx a xxx rate of xxxxxxx
c.       A single xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx at xxx xxx of xxxx x xxxxxxxx by x xxxxxx receipt xx $10,000 xx xxx end xx Year xx xxx xxxxxxx has a xxx xxxx of xxxxxxx
d.      An xxxxxx receipt of $8,000 for xxxxx years followed by x single receipt xx $10,000 xx xxx end of Year 4. The company has a xxx rate xx xxxxxxx
xx       A single cash xxxxxx of $12,000 xx five years, xxxxxxxxxx at x 12% rate xx xxxxxxx
xxxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxx Rate 12%
Period x xxxxx
xxxxxxx Valuex 6,809.12
b.      An annual receipt xx xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxx 12 years, xxxxxxxxxx at a 14% xxxx xx xxxxxxx
Annual cash Flow x 16,000
Period 12years
Discount xxxx xxx

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Submitted by SolutionGuru on Wed, 2013-10-16 23:19
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ACC 206 Week 5 Exercise Assignment__DONE 100% CORRECTLY__SECURE A+

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ACC xxx Week 5 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx CORRECTLY__SECURE A+

file1.xls preview (450 words)

xxxxxx x

1. xxxxx present xxxxx calculations
a xxxxxx Value$12,000.00
Rate xxx
Present xxxxxxxxxxx
bAnnual xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Present Value$103,878
xxxxCash xxxxx xxxxxxx Value
0xxx xxx
x$15,000.00 xxxxxxxxxx
x 0.0xxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
YearCash xxxxxPresent xxxxx
x xxxxxxxxx$5,849.53
x$10,000.00 xxxxxxxxx
Present xxxxx$26,137

answer x

4. xxxx flow xxxxxxxxxxxx and net xxxxxxx xxxxx
1.) xxxx xxxxxx Datexxxxxxxxxxx Cash xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx
19X7 xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx($10,000)
19X7x Unspecifiedxxxxxxxxx xxxx cash dividends$1,350$1,164
19X8xUnspecifiedxxxxxxxxx paid xxxx dividendsxxxxxx xxxxxx
19X9 xxxxxxxxxxxxHeartland paid cash dividendsxxxxxx$1,057
19X9331-Decxxx Greene xxxx xxx holdingsxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxx Greene should xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx stocks, because xxx NPV turns out to xx positive, which xxxxx that xxxx investment xxxx prove to be xxxxxxxxxxx
*Dividends are assumed xx be paid xx the xxx xx xxx xxxx

answer x

3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx net xxxxxxx value calculation
Startup Cost:
Purchase xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx$180,000.00
Duration of Usexxxxxxx

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