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Write a 350- to 500-word summary explaining the differences between revenue expenditures and capital expenditures during a useful life and identifying any similarities. Briefly explain the entries of revenue expenditures and capital expenditures.


Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.




Exercises and Problems – Week Two

Resource: Ch. 9 of Financial Accounting

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ACC 291 WEEK 2 Checkpoint Reflection differences between revenue expenditures and capital expenditures

body preview (11 words)

xxx 291 WEEK x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx differences xxxxxxx revenue expenditures xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

file1.docx preview (524 words)



Course xxxx


Instructor Name

xxxxx x 350- to xxxxxxxx summary xxxxxxxxxx the differences between xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxx life xxx identifying xxx similarities. xxxxxxx explain xxx entries xx xxxxxxx expenditures and xxxxxxx expenditures.

xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx capital expenditure xx xxxx they xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx position and xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx in a xxxxx period.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx charged xxxxxxx the revenues xx an expense. xxxxxxx expenditures are xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in expense xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx off expenses xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx current accounting xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx such as xxxxxxx are billed x xxxxxxx immediately to the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx or improve the xxxx of xxx asset xx it xxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxx xx its original condition xx compared to x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx expenditure incurred xx acquiring xxxxxxxxxxx assets xx

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by worldofanswers2 on Wed, 2014-04-09 16:01
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ACC 291 WEEK 2

body preview (5 words)

here xxx xx my xxxxxx

file1.odt preview (520 words)

xxxxxxxxxx Checkpoint

Rajai Robinson

xxxxxxxxxx Of xxxxxxx



Revenue xxxxxxxxxxx incurred on xxxxx assets xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx aimed at maintaining xxxxxx

xxxx enhancing the xxxxxxx capacity xx the xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx cost xxxx xxx incurred on a regular

basis and the xxxxxxx from xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx over a xxxxxxxxxx short period of xxxxx During

xxx xxxxxx life of a xxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxxx xxx incur xxxx for ordinary repairs, additions, xx

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Weygandt xxxx x Skimmer (pg xxxxx Ordinary xxxxxxx are expenditures to maintain

xxx operating xxxxxxxxxx xxx production xxxx xx the unit. xxxxxxxx , xxx , Kimmel (pg409). xxxxx

are usually xxxxxx small xxxxxxx that occur xxxxxxxxxxx some xxxxxxxx xxx motor tun-ups and oil

xxxxxxxx the painting xx xxxxxxxxxx and xxx replacing xx worn-out gears on machinery, xxxxx xxx

some xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx expense xx xxxx xxx incurred, xxxx are immediately charged xx

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