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Social Science homework help

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 Hindu Way of Life"  Please respond to the following:

Humanities 112 discussion board

  • Describe the shift in artistic patronage that developed in the 1600s, and identify ke

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Customer service PowerPoint

On-Time Technology Products recognizes that they should do more to connect with customers after a sale.

Assume you work in the On-Time Technology Products call center in Dayton, Ohio. A customer calls in and has a complaint about the quality on a digital timer for the kitchen that she bought last year at her local OTTC retailer. She does not have a receipt and never filled out the warranty card from the manufacturer.

summary week 5

what have you learned this week


use the paper, team assignment and questions below


team assignment week 5 marketing

Learning Team

Marketing Plan: Final Paper (6,300 - 7,000 words)

Due Week 5, Day 7; 2359 Hours AZ Time 

Help with social services discussion must be 1 page

Explore the Web for additional primary data documents about social welfare policy.

Final Assessment

Your responses are to be in your own words with no quotes, paraphrasing or copying. What I am looking for in your responses are your thoughts and opinions that demonstrates your understanding of the topics and course materials. You must have two paragraphs per topic question will suffice and no more than two pages total for the Final Assessment.

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