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Social Science homework help

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educational studies( the curriculum studies reader 4th edition book)

What is the purpose of school Assessment?  or Are high stakes testing necessary in schools?

Answer one or all of the essential questions posed.  Answer the questions by co

Managing Online Learning

Managing Online Learning

Managing Online Learning. Last week you started to create the online component of your blended course. This week, you build upon it and create a learning module.

Perform the following tasks: 

Step 1: Create an Online Learning Module.

Thinking About MOOC’s

Thinking About MOOC’s

Throughout this class you have examined the tools and pedagogies of online learning. The MOOC classroom, by virtue of the sheer number of students, employs some of these strategies, but also utilizes “the wisdom of the crowd” as an instructional tool.

Examine the following readings:

Acquiring New Skills

This discussion forum explores the training and professional development resources for instructors teaching in the online learning environment. 

Respond to the following questions and, as appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers: 

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