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Social Science homework help

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One of the more challenging yet under-discussed challenges for people undergoing ART, and perhaps for society in general, is the status of “extra” embryos—embryos frozen for future use.  Myriad reasons exist for storing embryos.  Generally, multiple embryos are created using the sperm or ova from the parents or from donors when a couple undergoes ART in order to conceive. The hope is that creating and implanting multiple embryos during a cycle provides the best chance of having a child.






400 words and works cited




In this section, you will provide a description of the culture of the geographic area in which your company/organization operates.


Political science

MLA format. It should have at least 3 sources. I need you to write about abortion. the prompt is below. Need it within 72 hours

POWERPOINT ASSIGNMENT AT LEAST 20 slide artworks paint anything is related to art and your taughts comments below the picture

POWERPOINT ASSIGNMENT AT LEAST 20 slide artworks paint anything is related to art  and your taughts comments below the picture 

Religion Comparison Paper

In this assignment, you will select two (2) religions from those studied thus far in the course (i.e., 

Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism). Next, compare and contrast them based on 

the criteria provided. Preferably, the two (2) religions you select are not any that you practice now or have 

practiced in the past. 


Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you: 

1. Select two (2) religions from those that we have studied so far. Identify and describe the cultural 

3 pages due in 5 hrs. APA 1 SOURCE

Use only reference attached.

read 3 articles attached, write a brief summary on each & also include how the articles relates to this weeks topic. Everything u need is included, I dnt need any other references nor a paper.

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