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Social Science homework help

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Prepare a brief analysis paper

In 500 - 750 words,Explain and evaluate Marx's claim that religion serves to reinforce exploitative social structures.

Statistical Sociology paper

I am still looking for a reliable writer to finish my paper. I have 8-10 pages written, it has to be polished and the STATISTICS needs work as well as some in text citation that must be added. All of the references are there and there is plenty of other information to add to finish up what needs to be finished.This is a 12-14 page paper. I would want someone who is proficient in Sociology/behavioral sciences and Statistics! 

Statistical Sociological paper

I have approximately 8-10 pages of the final 12 to 14 pages written. I need statistical expertise as well as some one to make the papoer cohesive. I qm willing to pay $50 to the right person. I have not had that person contact me yet.

References are accounted for and some are in text, the rest must be added according to the references listed. There ia a lot of useful and pertinent information included. I just need the help on the statistics and the cohesiveness of the final paper. I really need an A job on this one.

Sociological Paper

I have a lot if this paper done already but there are sime sections missing & the references must be added to the text and referenced in the text according to APA 6th ed.  to make it flow correctly. The statistical section still needs the most work but all of the reference section is there and the sections are color coded to show what is done, what needs work, and what has to be done. 

Capstone project- Health care


 Capstone project- Health care-40 pages..


Includes  power point...28 slides, stuctured questionnaire to provide for evidence, table of content and also the word document power point pages. 



Questions 1 to 25: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.


1. Circumstances that can diminish the status of iron in the blood include

A. moderate exercise.

B. blood donation.

C. use of oral contraceptives.

D. breast feeding.


2. Which is not a risk factor for osteoporosis?

A. Alcohol consumption

B. Smoking

C. Lack of exercise

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