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Science homework help

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Biomedical presentation

Your team has been assigned to give a presentation to your organization’s board of ethics. The team will discuss a current biomedical issue that faces your organization and its social responsibility toward the issue.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that discusses the biomedical issue. Include the following:

Describe a biomedical issue including harvesting embryos.

What is the historical and current impact of the biomedical issue?

Forecast the potential future of the issue and how might it change.

Discussion Mod 3 part 2

The idea of space exploration being possible, while most of us here on earth are still using internal combustion engines indicates a major imbalance. What changes do you feel would be necessary for our society to move past fossil fuel dependence?



Respond to the following:

Week 7


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social determinants of health

Application: Searching for Health Information on Social Determinants Using the Walden Library Databases

Knowing where to find credible health information is an important skill for any professional in the health sciences. For this application, you will practice using the Walden library database, CINAHL, to locate an article relating to the topic of social determinants and their impact on health.


Statics help

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