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In this paper you will demonstrate scholarly, graduate school level writing and critical analysis of existing nursing knowledge. Your final paper will be 7–10 pages (excluding title page and references), using APA format with at least 8–10 scholarly nursing sources of information.



  1. Create an example of an imaginary quantitative nursing study you would design that would use regression analysis.
  2. Describe two methods for selecting variables into a regression equation for your imaginary study, and the rationale for using those methods.

200-300 words

Select a nursing theory you consider relevant today. Explain from a global perspective how you would change this theory to better support the ethical and social issues (e.g., bioterrorism, genocide) that nurses face in health care

200-300 words disc 1

Think about an ethical dilemma you recently faced in your practice. Select a nursing theory that could have guided you in making a decision about the care of this patient. Explain whether the theory emphasizes the patient’s rights, goals, and autonomy. Does it provide clear guidance for ethical decision-making in nursing? Does the theory emphasize ethical codes for practice? (Present your information according to HIPPA requirements.)

Ethics in health


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determinant health

Although inequalities in income and education underlie many health disparities, the poor are sometimes held responsible for their health status. For instance, Dr.

Arctic Exploration and the Future of the Arctic Ocean

Must be in APA format with a minimum of 300 words with references:


Weather, Hurricanes, & Solar Radiation

Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA). One page with references and they must be cited in the writing.


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