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Science homework help

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Design a 1 page flyer/handout about the specific pollution and its effect on health and prevention

I have attached the Chapter 16 Reading and the rubic for the assignment.  Let me know if you need anything additional.






HSA 535 Managerial epidemiology discussion question

"Dengue Fever and Outbreak Investigations"  Please respond to the following:



Topic: Relative Geologic Dating




The essay should include all the below information


Assignment 4


Assignment 4This covers Unit IV Geologic Time in the textbook (Chapter 8).


Biology/Life Science/ Physics/ Chemistry

A researcher writes a grant proposal to repeat an experiment that was recently published by another researcher. Which of the following statements best supports the grant proposal?


A. Funding this grant proposal will allow this laboratory to continue to study this topic.


B. Funding this important research will benefit science in the long term.


C. Repeating the published work will provide independent confirmation of the results.


D. Repeating published work with changed variables will extend the previous results.

500 word essay

A Home to Evaluate has been already Chosen.


Identify ways in which your home energy use can be improved.


See below

In 250+words explain the Doppler Effect. This is an astronomy question. Not other subject matters. 

You have to explain Doppler effect, who created it, how is it used..etc. Go into dept with the blueshift, redshift, and rest wavelengths.  Must have more than 1 reference. 

Has to be in MLA format. 


to normax


  Hi i need to do the assignment

Astronomy lab 7

Observing Features on the Sun


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