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Science homework help

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Ocean 320 Full online course

i'm looking for someone who can give me an A with my online course.

Causes of Internet Addiction

I need a two-page essay on the causes of internet addiction asap.

Use APA format.


Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a methodology you create for assessing credibility and reliability of an Internet source of CAM information. Include detailed speaker notes and reference citations.

Describe how a consumer's attitudes and beliefs about CAM could hinder objective assessments of reliability and credibility in CAM.

Science in Science Friction/PrincessMary tutor

What are some factors that affect the habitable zone and why is that important to life on Earth? Give an example of an organism that has defied the odds of existence based on their habitat (i.e. an organism lives in a place we would not expect anything to live), and how does that relate to the search for ETs? 


ES Assignment 5

Answer the following questions:


Must be APA format min 6 pages

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