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Reading homework help

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answer the Journal entry 2 on page 18

This is the link for the book online you need to answer the Journal entry 2 on page 18. answer the all three quastions please. type it on word document 

 thank you

for smith_comp

Assignment 1

Chapter 1: Discussion Questions 1-5 (pages 38-39).

Carefully consider the Discussion Questions and thoroughly address every part of each question.


Assignment 2

Chapter 1: Discussion Questions 6-7 (page 39).


Chapter 2: Discussion Questions 1-3 (page 75).

Ethical (Moral) Relativism

In America, many are comfortable describing ethics as follows: “Well, what’s right for me is right for me and what’s right for you is right for you. Let’s just agree to disagree.” This is an affirmation of what philosophers call individual or subjective moral relativism. In this understanding of relativism, morality is a matter of individual feelings and personal preference. In individual moral relativism, the determination of what is right and wrong in a situation varies according to the individual.

What Do I Owe My Culture?

Post an original response (about 200 words). Consider the importance of culture to ethics.

Nickel and Dimed Essay

Congratulations!   At this point in the Reading and Writing Competency you have finished reading Nickled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich and have successfully completed the short essays questions on the reading.  You are now ready to complete the long essay portion of this assignment.  You will complete a five paragraph essay on the following prompt:

Philosophy online exam

I have an one hour Philosophy online exam on Thursday, and I need help!!!!! 

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