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politics and market paper

Write two paper for me. I already choose the topic is "EPA publishes proposal to reduce power plant CO2 emissions" (check the information in the below link).


ESE 370 Week 3 Assignment ( Emotions are Critical ) ~ Perfect Tutorial With References (Scored 100%)

Emotions play a large part in the learning process. Emotions impact how we learn and the information that we are able to retain. Our brains are highly sensitive to each of our emotional states. Educators should be aware of these issues and how they, as educators, can influence the emotional states of their students. Write a four page paper on how emotions are critical to learning including attention, memory, and meaning.

Your paper must demonstrate the following points:

• Identify and discuss the part(s) of the brain impacted by emotions.

ESE 370 Week 2 Journal ( Stressed or Distressed ) ~ Perfect Tutorial With References (Scored 100%)

Reflect on your own life and identify an experience that could or has disrupted/distressed your learning. What things have you done and can you do to reduce the impact of this threat in order to increase your learning? Think about some of the things you have learned in your reading that may have helped or will help

ESE 370 Week 2 Assignment ( Brain Function ) ~ Perfect Tutorial With References (Scored 100%)

Demonstrate the brain function in the executive processes in learning by which information is extracted from the sensory signals and transmitted to other areas for further abstraction, finally culminating in perception, memory, and language.  

ESE 370 Week 1 Journal ( Biocycles, Brain Functions, and Learning ) ~ Perfect Tutorial With References (Scored 100%)

"You may have noticed that you have natural high and lows throughout the day" (Jensen, 2008, pg.25).  Thinking about your own 90-minute cycle and how it may relate to yourself and learning, how would you prepare yourself for taking a big test in your course/class at the end of the day?

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries. 


write a tthesis driven essay for the assessment on Anglo Saxon Literature answering the following Essay


 Question:how can the Epic Poem BEOWULF be applied to he Joseph Campbell's Hero CYCLE?


thesis::pick 4 from the cycle

6   pages

 mla fomat



Compare and contrast the conception of God found in the writings of Aquinas with the conception of God found in the writings of Plotinus?  You may also include the ideas of Neoplatonists besides Plotinus such as Pseudo-Diionysius.  Refer to the texts and include citations in proper MLA format.

Starting up a brand new oil and gas company. Prepare a scope of work/project plan

You are starting up a brand new oil and gas company. Prepare a scope of work/project plan on how you intend to carry this out. Your strategy should include but not limited to:


Validity and Reliability

Question on the validity and reliablity of educational assessments.

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