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Case Study HW

Note: Read the attached case study carefully, and answer the following questions with minimum one page. Your work must be 100% original.


1. Explain why revenue recognition rules were violated based on the facts of the case. How do such violations relate to the standards for legal liability under the securities acts?

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.....Emerging Market.....Powerpoint


“Multicultural Education”

According to Nieto and Bode (2008), “Becoming a multicultural teacher …means first becoming a multicultural person” (p. 392). Throughout this course, we will discover ways to create multicultural learning environments that are responsive to the needs of children and their families. The first step is to examine our own beliefs about multicultural education.  For this assignment, you will:

Discussion: The Power of Groups

Discussion: The Power of Groups

Groups may be both a boon (for example, they statistically outperform individuals) and a bane (for example, they take too long) of decision-making. While they can systematically outperform individuals, groups are also prey to systematic bias and organizational skewing.

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