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Philosophy homework


I do have homeowrk for philosophy class and its a 10 short questons assignment.

I need it to be done in an hour

The subject is an article about called "Definitions/Importance of Critical Thinking"

Art paper

I need Original paper....


writing an essay

Write an essay about history.


7-10 sentences for religion class discussion (due tonight by 11:30pm)

Consider the ideas of karma and reincarnation. How do they compare with biblical and Judeo-Christian answers to the perennial questions of: “Why is there evil and suffering?” “Why does life seem unfair?” Which answers to these questions make the most sense to you and why?



critical thinking.


I need helpe for my homework you can see the attchement.



I have homework and these are the questions


  • Complete the End of Chapter Questions 1 and 2
  • Complete the End of Chapter Exercise
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