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Reading homework help

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Please do my paper

Please follow all the instructions and metariels that I will send it to you 

driven to achieve social change



Please do my paper

Please follow the instructions that I will send it to you and include 3 topices from the textbook


topic: Comparing and contrasting the outlook and veiws of life through hinduism,buddism, and judiasm. 


MLA format double spaced research paper


least 8 sources and a work cited 8-10 pages 

Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Violations

Read pages 90-94 of your course text, including the Release of Information section, the Perspective: Examples of Recently Published HIPAA Privacy Violations section, and Exhibits 3.3 and 3.4. Next, select one of the cases from the list below :

Organizations that Endorse Patient Safety

There are organizations that endorse, facilitate, and mandate patients’ safety laws with PHI and disbursement of health information systems data and/or information. The standards of patient’s safety within these organizations are clearly outlined and widely adopted by all legitimate health care organizations. HIPAA is used to regulate these laws. In a minimum of 300 words, address the following in your initial post:

Laws for Health Information Systems

Health care information management, authentication, and distribution are determined by both state and federal laws, licensing, certification, and in most cases, accreditation. Health information system management follows these set standards to ensure that patient protected health information (PHI) is utilized for the intended purposes: quality patient care and patient safety. In a minimum of 300 words, address the following points in your initial post:



For Nyanya only

this essay is about my learning style which is visual and has to be APA 12 pt font 

put these ideas together by composing a short personal essay (500 – 600 words). Your essay should include the following: 

An introductory paragraph sharing what the essay is about;

Your reasons for seeking a college degree;

Your learning style, which is visual and I learned it by the inventories taken (be sure to include which of the three you took and cite the source using the author and year);

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