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... /Case Study: Evaluating an Emerging Market....

... /Case Study: Evaluating an Emerging Market....



In this assignment, you will select a nation that is considered to have an emerging market and you will evaluate the nation on the following factors that affect an emerging market: Gross domestic product, inflation, political risks, economic risks, country demographics, and liquidity of local debt.



Organizational Design and Culture..

...Organizational Design and Culture..



Many companies find they are forced to remodel their traditional hierarchical structures, which were originally built around functional specialization and centralized authority, to compete in today’s marketplace. Companies often draw on the following five tools of organizational design to make their organizations leaner, flatter, and more responsive to change. The five tools are:


PowerPoint presentation ?..Managerial Tasks in Strategy Execution..?


?..Managerial Tasks in Strategy Execution..?


?...While companies must tailor their strategy-executing approaches to their particular situation, there are eight managerial tasks which are common elements in executing strategies. Review the eight components of strategy execution and develop a PowerPoint presentation which applies each of these components to an organization of your choice.  Include at least three visual elements such as charts or graphs to complement your presentation.

....Negotiation Plan....

....Negotiation Plan....


..When negotiating in an emerging market, it is critical to understand a variety of internal and external workings of the country in which you will be launching a product. For example, the negotiator would need to understand the emerging market’s regulatory environment, the market itself, distribution channels, supply chains, tariffs, taxes, and culture.

MGT 322 Week 4 DQ 2 ( Competing Internationally ) - A Graded - Best Tutorial - Quality Work

Competing Internationally 

When making purchasing decisions, should a corporation reduce its ethical standards in order to allow the company to compete internationally? Take a position and defend your answer. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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