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Week 4 - Assignment

Interpersonal Conflict in Television

COM200 Week 4 Discussion 2 Willingness to Listen

To be an effective communicator we must master the core competence of listening. A willingness to listen during an interaction allows you to understand others, respond appropriately to what they say, or provide helpful feedback.

Prepare: As you prepare to write this discussion post, take a few moments to do the following:


my son is a freshman is college and has to do this as an assignment,,,Please create something as a 18 yr old looking for employment


1.Submit a paragragh that concisely states your career goals and objectives.

Part 2 Results of a Qualitative Study

Results of a Qualitative Study

What would you expect to find as a result of your quantitative study?

Results of a Quantitative Study

Results of a Quantitative Study

What would you expect to find as a result of your quantitative study?

Objective: To critically analyze a single story from multiple periodical vantage points (at least three). Number of stories needed: 5

You will analyze a single story either periodically or pictorially from three different article sources. You will read the articles/pictures and attach the links or the photographs representing the story you have chosen. In one sentence you will describe the basic structure of the story and in the following sentences you will describe the similarities or inconsistencies in reporting from various periodicals.


This is a comparison and contrast essay on Jane Austen's classic novel PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, I selected 2 characters-- Elizabeth and Darcy to write. You should write 3 body paragraph. The 1st body paragraph is"to choose which character impact the novel more in the sub topics of "pride and prejudice". The 2nd body paragraph is to compare their manners of days. The 3rd paragraph is to compare their ideals of marriage in 19th English society. You don't have to write too long, about 4 pages.

Servant Leadership in Action PowerPoint Presentation


Create a PowerPoint presenting focusing on one leader who use servant leadership to lead his/her organization. In the presentation include the following:

1) Name, organization, position (e.g., manager, director, CEO).

2) Short biography (e.g., work experience, educational background).

3) Summary of their stated values, vision, mission, and/or stated strategy.

4) Explain how they are making a contribution to their community or society and how this contribution embodies servant leadership.

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