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Psychology homework help

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social psychology


I am looking for a psycologist please


Enlightened document

You should use the readings in your Answers. 

Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution

Locke: Second Treatise of Government

Hume: Treatise of Human Nature (BK II PT III SEC III, BK III PT I SEC I-II)

Hobbs: Leviathan 1-17and conclusion

Mill: On Liberty

Rousseau: On the Social Contract


philosophy of modern European culture

Essay Topics

1. Map out and critique the evolution of Greek thought from Plato through the Late Middle Ages.

Historical Reference of Social Psychology

Historical Reference of Social Psychology 


1: Provides Evidence of Social Psychology's Historic Link to Psychology and Sociology ( Evidence of social psychology's historic link to ps

sexual harassment

What is sexual harassment? How does sexual harassment impact workplace relationships? What are steps that we can take to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? 

Psyc F

People often take shortcuts in problem solving and quickly arrive at answers. Known as heuristics, these shortcuts may increase the speed of decisions but may also decrease the accuracy of those decisions. The experiment used in this assignment deals with inaccurate decisions based on the conjunction fallacy, where people think the chance of two events happening at the same time is greater than just one event occurring. However, the chance of one event occurring is greater than two events occurring; hence, the fallacy.

Response Paper

 Response Paper: Application of Psychometrics, Utility, and Cultural Competence to a Test

Find an article reviewing a psychological measure that has been developed within the last five years

Assignment 1: LASA 2: The Forensic Psychology Booklet

Potential students often look for guidance regarding the programs that they are considering. You are a program assistant at a local university. You have been asked by your department chair (psychology) to create a booklet about the field of forensic psychology for potential students. This booklet will be given out at information sessions and will be sent to students requesting more information. The department chair asks you to create this booklet with the undecided student in mind, remembering that while you don’t want to scare students away, you also want to be truthful about the field.

Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Terroristic Behavior

Discussion Question: Terroristic Behavior

Search for the “Right Wing Authoritarianism Scale”. Given what you have learned about terroristic behavior from the assigned weekly readings, is information gathered using this type of tool useful in determining motivations of terrorists. Why or why not.                   

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