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Psychology homework help

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PSY 870: Module 3 Problem Set GAF, Consumer Satisfaction, and Type of Clinical Agency (Public or Private) A researcher wants to know if mental health clients of private versus public service agencies differ on Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) scores and on Satisfaction with Services (Satisfaction). She has collected data for 34 clients from a private agency and for 47 clients of a public agency. Directions: Use the SPSS data file for Module 3 (located in Topic Materials) to answer the following questions: 1. What is the independent variable in this study?


Assignment 1: Discussion Question: Attributions

Anyone with Access to Capella Library?

Explaining and Applying a Theory

Due Sunday by 3pm Eastern plagerism Check will be made

PSY 110 Social Psychology Concept Matrix

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In need of someone to complete a Social Psychology Concept Matrix (template provided), APA style required, due date Sat 5/3/14, thank-you.


2 pages asap

2 pages asap


Create a lesson plan

Create a lesson plan using the instructional model steps for teachers based on Gagne’s theory (this information can be found on page 492), including Bloom’s taxonomy, instructional objectives, activities, and media for any content area you choose. To clarify, I want this lesson plan to be your original creation, and I want it to be on a specific concept (shapes, leaders of the Civil War, photosynthesis, a topic from work, etc.—whatever you want to teach).


Select a well documented historical case study of an individual who experienced a neurological disorder, disease, or accident that resulted in an interruption in his or her vision, hearing, or motor control.

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