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Physics homework help

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physics class


Physics homework

A block of mass m = 3.08 kg is attached to a spring which is resting on a horizontal frictionless table. The block is pushed into the spring, compressing it by 5.00 cm, and is then released from rest. The spring begins to push the block back toward the equilibrium position at x = 0 cm. The graph shows the component of the force (in N) exerted by the spring on the block versus the position of the block (in cm) relative to equilibrium.


Physics Test



I have a test on Electricity & Magnatism in an hour and I could use help in it. I need someone who knows the material well and fast in sending the answers. The subject that are covered as much as I know are:

1) Electrical Field 

2) Catogorize problems: (Coulomb's Law - Polorization)

3) Gauss's Law

4) Continuos charge definition


There will be 4 questions in total and one of them will be written so you have to explain. I am offering $30 for the test

MHA610: Introduction to BioStatistics (NDF1506A

Ashford 3: - Week 2 - Assignment

Sex Ratio

The normal male to female live birth sex ratio ranges from about 1.03 to 1.07. The sex ratio is defined as the ratio of male births to female births. You might expect boy and girl births to be equally likely, but in fact, baby boys are somewhat more common than baby girls.

Physics assignment

Fluid Scenario Inquiry & Modeling


I.         Scientific Inquiry  

a.     Pose a genuine question about a scenario involving fluids in a human/animal activity, biological process, or biomedical procedure.

b.     Refine your inquiry to explore the possible physical mechanisms underlying the fluids phenomenon in your scenario.  Refining your inquiry to explore the biological mechanism may have to be done first


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