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Physics homework help

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Physics LAb

hi, bro plz find the attachments of your lab

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1) In the standing broad jump, one squats and then pushes off with the legs to see how far one can jump. Suppose the extension of the legs from the crouch position is 0.85 m and the acceleration achieved during the time the jumper is extending their legs is 1.2 times the acceleration due to gravity, g .

d = 0.85 m

a = 1.2 times

Two falling bodies

A one pound weight is released 3 feet off the ground. At the same time a two pound weight is released 5 feet off the ground.

An iron vat is 17m long at room temperature

An iron vat is 17m long at room temperature (20°C). How much longer is it when it contains boiling water at 1 atm pressure?

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