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Physics homework help

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Physics ( Lab Rebort )

here how it works I have 15 pages excel i will send to you so you will know my expermient what was about and basiclly you read it over and over util you understand everything in the excel so you can paraphrase everything in the excel i need more than 5 pages you can also write not only paraphrase the excel but you must write the same idea we have in the excel i will send you one page tyoed that i wrote so you can use it if it fits and if needs any work do it immidiatley more than five pages the rules is

no plagiarism in any way so you must be good in physics

physic lab

Hi, there is a sample of the report which I uploaded. You need do the lab8 report like the sample. It should be around 4-5 pages. Thanks. 

Physics Homework sheet

I have the answers for these problems I am looking for the solutions to these probems they must be typed our I might take hand writtens and scanned. Remember I do have the answer but that isn;t helping me at this point I need the solutions.


Physics Lab report for PROF Frank

Physics Lab Report

Needs to be typed out in word Singles spaced preferred.

Also Please look at the LAB Report requirements Section on the last page. Pg 4

It will need the following


This is normally a few sentences


This is normally a paragraph

-Answers to the prelab questions (PQ1,PQ2)

-Measurements uncertaintiy table WILL be done by me.

-Hooks LAW data table,graph, and LINEST table (Excel)

-Exported grapghs of position,verlocity, and acceleration VS time

fundamentals of fluid mechanics 7th edition

need help please send me a message


chapter 1,2 and 3



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