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Physics homework help

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few physics questions


I have 12 physics homework questions to do in 2 days, can anybody help me?



Complete this lab by performing the described buoyancy experiment and completing the lab report (Refer to lab report guidelines) and post to the W5 Assignment 2 Lab Dropbox. You should submit your data table, analysis, and answers to the concluding questions.

thermodynamics 2 questions help

I have 2 questions that need to be solved. Please help

Physics Lab

The following questions ask you to solve problems involving topics we've covered this week. Work each problem on paper, and post a scanned image of your work for each question, along with a brief description of how you solved the problem. Your scanned work should include a step-by-step solution to the problem. By Friday, September 26, 2014, scan and post your work to the W6 Assignment 2 Lab Dropbox.

Physics Lab

For this exercise, you will draw a ray tracing diagram for each question. Your ray tracing diagram should show the image location for each question answered. In addition, verify the image location by solving the lens equation for each question answered along with a brief explanation of what you did. In summary, each answer you submit should include a ray tracing diagram, a lens equation solution, and an explanation of your work.

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