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Physics homework help

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Electric Circuit analysis

please do questions 1 to 4. and show work please.


4 statics questions 



can any of you do them in 1 hr


Physics lab

Physics lab




write one pages outline from the following essay

just write one pages outline from the 10pages essay

genaral physics question

1-In spite of the fictional exploits of the starship Enterprise, "Relativity" teaches us that the maximum possible speed is what? (hint: warp = v/c)

2-A spaceship, traveling at WARP 1/2 away from the Earth, launches a shuttle moving away from the ship at c/2 (c/2 seen from the ship). Classically one expects to see the shuttle moving at c from the Earth, but relativistically what speed do we expect seen from the Earth?

3-A proton (1.67 × 10-27 kg) is accelerated to 99.8% the speed of light. How much energy did the accelerator have to impart?

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