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Physics homework help

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Physics I : will be 42 problems in MasteringPhtsics.com.

HW #1 : 14 problems.

HW #2 : 14 problems.

HW #3 : 14 problems.

Physics: Electricity Exercises

Electricity Exercises

 Work each problem on paper or Microsoft Word, along with a brief description of how you solved the problem.

Physics: Buoyancy Lab

Buoyancy Lab: 

You should be submitting your data table, analysis, and answers to the concluding questions.


Physics: Ray Tracing Exercise

For this exercise, you will draw a ray tracing diagram for each question.


 Your ray tracing diagram should show the image location for each question answered.


Physics: Analytical Problems

Analytical Problems:


The following questions ask you to solve problems involving topics we've covered this week.



Physics: Three factors which determine the horizontal distance traveled

An object is projected horizontally. Give three factors which determine the horizontal distance


traveled, and describe how each affects this distance.

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