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physics graph

just draw some graphes, make the graph into word(doc)

Mass spring system

Suppose you have a mass spring system with mass 0.1kg and a spring with a spring constant 10 N/m^2. The spring is displaced by .08m from equilibrium. What is the largest possible value of the speed for the mass in the system? Assume the oscillations are simple harmonic in nature. 

Answer in m/s


For the above oscillator, what is the period?

answer is seconds


Calculate the maximum acceleration of the above oscillator. 

Answer in m/s^2

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking

Refer to this reading peterson-david/ct/ shorttermhtml/Notes_11_ StrongSenseCT.pdf concerning the qualities of a critical thinker.

What is weak vs strong critical thinking?

In what qualities of critical thinking do you find you have strengths?

What qualities of critical thinking do you think you can improve upon?

Provide an example for each.

Astronomy Workshop: The Stars

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