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Physics homework help

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i need help in physics

about these Vector and Integration properties,, Bohr Model,,Atomic Emission lines.,, Particles as Waves Uncertainty principle,, Quantum Mechanics:,, Quantum/Atomic Structure,, Einstein’s approach to Quantum Mechanics


A 5000g block slidong down an 1 meter high incline crashed into a spring at the bottom of the incline. Given that the spring constant is 50n/m, determine the length of springs compresion after the collision with the block.

physics 1

i have 2 physics home work due is after 2 hours from now each homework has 10 questions on a website called webassignment 


i have test thermodynamics

Topic Speech enhancement


Based on the link and the attachment PDF file, write a 10pages essay, the framework of the essay should be like the following :


 Topic  Speech enhancement

① Back ground


③How it works

Characters of speech signal(random, change overtime, unstable)

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