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Physics homework help

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A man walking on a tightrope carries a long a pole which has heavy items attached to the two ends. If he were to walk the tight-rope with just a pole, what difference would it make to his balance? Discuss this in terms of angular rotation, angular momentum, and moment of inertia.

Physics Lab Report for Prof Frank

Please refer to page rquirements picture for the obejectives  this must be done by Sunday 3/29/2015  9:30 PM EST

Must be in a word document

Must have chart as listed in the rquirements picture, use the the data from the pictures below .

Please no plagerism 100% orginal

The following is needed:

Objective- This must be in your own words and only a few setenceses

Theory-This will need to be a few sentences in your own words

Material homework

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I need this completed as soon as possible with a gaurentee that is can be done, i have already sent it to another company and they screwed me so i am running out of time 

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