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physics essay

2 pages,double space


Talk about the sustainable in natural resource.

due time is April 27 th,please on time.

physics lab

physics lap homework experment rotation of rigid bodies about a fixed axis data sheet and calculation (do not duplicate )

help in lab replort

lab report genral physics 2 

No plagiarism. I will dispute . Thanks for your time

Discuss the use of anti-reflection coatings in terms of thin film interference.


1- A series L-R-C circuit consists of a 262 Ω resistor, a 23.9 mH inductor, a 10.28 µF capacitor, and an AC source of amplitude 26 V and variable frequency. If the voltage source is set to 4.7 times the resonance frequency, the impedance of this circuit is:

physics lab report

hello i have a physics lab. I needs a theory section, a procedure section, the second half of the calculations, and the questions.

Week 26

Lab Report                                                     &nbs

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