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Physics homework help

Get free Physics homework help here or go to homework help

AC Circuit Problem

I have a homework in AC circuit. I'll attach the details here. 


Three Question in physics


1.) Imagine you have 1.00 kg each of iron, glass, and water and that all three samples are at 10 C . a.)Rank them from lowest to highest temperature after 100J of energy (Q) is added to each. b.) Rank them from lowest to greatest amount of energy transfer by heat if each increases in temperature by 20 Degree C.  (hint: specific heat, c, of iron:448 J/KG.C

physics electricity and magnetism homework

I have an online 4 questions physics hw that i couldnt do. It is due in half hour please help

physics electricity and magnetism homework

I have a 6 questions physics homework due every tuesdays and thursdays. For the hw that is due today, I have done the first 3 questions but got stuck in the last three. 

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