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Statistics - Excercise

In this exercise, all I need are the answers. That's it. Please label the answers clearly and please remember to use the correct DECIMAL PLACE it asks for.

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Here are the 4 questions.


Descriptive statistic powerpoint.

You have been recently hired as an Epidemiological Research Assistant at your county’s Health Department. It is only day 1 on the job and you have been asked to develop a presentation for the County Commissioners describing a health disparity within your community.


In your report, you are asked to summarize the demographical information about the population, as well as summarize the health disparity. The County Commissioners ask that you present your findings in a PowerPoint® presentation.


Urgent paper

Need this urgently with an A.   The first attachment is the instructions and the second one is the case study with the three questions to answer.


Assigment/Hypothesis research/Prefer someone wth research hypothesis exp/Must have good ratings

Go to the APA website and choose one topic that interests you. Consider what you would do if you were trying to test a hypothesis. Review the concepts of Type I and II errors and effect sizes.

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