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Spring 2014: BCC Project Calculus Part1

BCC Project Calculus part 1      Spring 2014

Part 1: BCC Project Calculus

BCC Project Calculus part 1      Spring 2014

devry 221 statistics weeks 1,2,and 3

I need to get caught up. homework week 1, homework week 2, homework week 3 and quiz week 3.

I already have late penalties so i need 100% on all work. thanks

Assignment 7 MTH156

The major shopping areas in the community of Springdale include Springdale Mall, West Mall, and the downtown area on Main Street. A telephone survey has been conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses of these areas and to find out how they fit into the shopping activities of local residents. The 150 respondents were also asked to provide information about themselves and their shopping habits.

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