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Questions 1 From the components that you can see in the photos shown in Figure A-19, you can see that Engine A and Engine C both have

A. radiators and cooling fans.

B. smooth cylinder heads and flywheels.

C. boot-type spark plug connectors and cylinder head fins.

D. electronic ignition systems and water-cooling systems

 FIGURE A-2—Use the information in this chart to answer Questions 2 and 3.

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 Section I

Use the table and partial network diagram provided to answer the questions in this section.


1.         What is the early start (ES) time for activity J? (5 pts.)





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1. Allen Machines specializes in developing weed-harvesting equipment that is used to clear small lakes of weeds.  Allen Machines is contemplating the construction of a machine that would harvest weeds on narrow rivers and waterways.  The activities and time in weeks necessary to build one of these experimental machines are shown in the table below.


Payment Link for Lab Work for Week 4 + 5 + 6

Payment Link for  Lab Work for Week 4 + 5 + 6

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Identify each of the following as either nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scales of measurement:


1. a poll of registered voters in WV asking which candidates they support

2. the length of time required for a wound to heal when using a new medicine

3. number of telephones call arriving at a switchboard per five-minute period

4. the distance first year college football players can kick a ball

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The stand-alone principle advocates that project analysis should be based solely on ___________ costs.







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 Many newspapers, when reporting results of political polls, say that “with 95% confidence, the results are in error by no more than +/- 3 percentage points.” The typical sample size is about 1,500. This allowance for error is intended to cover both sampling variability and the effect of small biases. 1 Assume that the poll (sample) indicates that just about 50% of likely voters favor a particular candidate. How large a +/- term is required for a 95% confidence interval for the population proportion?

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