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The resources use data and statistics to support answers to the same question, but they reach opposite conclusions! The textbook authors use the Gini Index to argue that income inequality is increasing. Perhaps it could be said that statistics are pliable.

differential equations

the solotion should be clear 


Assignment 2: Controls

As a quality analyst you are also responsible for controlling the weight of a box of cereal. The Operations Manager asks you to identify the ways in which statistical quality control methods can be applied to the weights of the boxes. Provide your recommendations to the Operations Manager in a two-three page report.

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1)     In China, 4-year-olds average 3 hours a day unsupervised. Most of the unsupervised children live in rural areas, considered safe. Suppose that the standard deviation is 1.5 hours and the amount of time spent alone is normally distributed. We randomly survey one Chinese 4-year-old living in a rural area.

Complete parts a through c below.

A survey found that women’s height are normally distributed with mean 63.4 in and standard deviation 2.9 in. the survey also found that men’s heights are normally distributed with a mean 67.7 in. and standard deviation 2.9. 


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