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Math homework help

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Do you use probability in your profession or real life?

Do you use probability in your profession or real life? You most likely do. For example, chance of rain tomorrow is 27%. We hear similar probabilities in the media all the time. Similar probabilities could be found in other professions.

Fair Shares

The Center City Anuraphilic (frog lovers) society has fallen on hard times. Abraham, Bobby and Charlene are the only remaining members and each feels equally entitled to take possession of the society’s collection of live rare tropical frogs. The decision is made to use the method of sealed bids and fair shares to decide who will take possession of the entire collection and how much will be paid in compensation to the other members.


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who has whats up ?

2nd attempt: Assignment 1: LASA 2: Exponential Growth

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Exponential Growth

In Module 4, you were introduced to the concept of exponential functions that can be used to model growth and decay. Recall what you learned in The Number e lecture. In this exercise, you will use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate the exponential growth of a population of your choosing. (If you use the linked spreadsheet below, it is recommended that you consider relatively small populations and not those of entire nations.)

Statistics HW


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