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Matlab-Simulink problem

Please complete the attached problem in simulink. Include all relevant Simulink model files. Thanks!



Need help proving the definitions  for a vector space 

statistic 1

  1. Describe several challenges you see to engaging your colleagues or students in critiquing the data analysis section of a report.
  2. What strategies could you use to help them understand the importance of nurses reading research articles including the data analysis and results sections?


I need someone to take the rest of my statistics class!!  There are 3-4 more weeks of the class homework AND a midterm and final.  The homework questions can be reworked until the grade is 100%..

Statistics homework

Many people do not “like” or “trust” single point estimates for things they need measured.  Looking back at the data examples you have provided in the previous discussion questions on this issue, how might adding confidence intervals help managers accept the results better?  Why?

Ask a manger in your organization if they would prefer a single point estimate or a range for important measures, and why?  Please share what they say.




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