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Math homework help

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Math Homework

 For roel_MathPhysicsChem

Linear Project

Use the following infomation for inputs

Cost of Gold

Yr         Price   

2000    279.11


Here are some examples of the standard forms of expressions to give you some extra practice. Please evaluate each of the following expressions:

  • (3x + y)^2
  • (2x - 4y)(2x + 4y)
  • (x - 3y)^2

Applying Counting Principles

Suppose you have a friend at a different university who is taking a similar math course to one you are taking. He is having problems understanding the subtle differences between permutations and combinations, as well as the accompanying formulas nCr and nPr. Also, he does not understand the Fundamental Counting Principle.

"For Math Guru

Please see attachment!

"For Math Guru"

Please see attachment.

Maths Quiz

1. Find the indicated probability. - A die with 6 sides is rolled. What is the probability of rolling a number less than 5? (Points : 5)





2. From the information provided, create the sample space of possible outcomes.

Two white mice mate. The male has both a white and a black fur-color gene. The female has only white fur-color genes. The fur color of the offspring depends on the pairs of fur-color genes that they receive.

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