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alg 2

Identify the sequence graphed below and the average rate of change from n = 1 to n = 3.


alg 2

A group of people were given a personality test to determine if they were Type A or Type B. The results are shown in the table below:

alg 2

A company offered one half of its employees a bonus if the production of cookies increased by 15%. The other half of the employees was not offered a bonus. As the end of the month, production in the group that did not get the bonus offer increased by a mean of 20 and production in the bonus group increased by a mean of 10.

What is the correct order of steps to determine if the results are significant?

A: Calculate the probability of a difference of 10.

B: Calculate the difference of the means.


We are bombarded by statistical information from a wide variety of sources. Much of the statistical research performed in the world is conducted with a great deal of integrity, validity, and reliability. However, there are many statistical studies that are conducted that are—whether intentionally or unintentionally—plagued by bias.

MATH 533 Final Exam

MATH533 – Final Exam Worksheet

1.Given the following sample of 10 high temperatures from March: 55, 60, 57, 43, 59, 66, 72, 65, 59, 47.

1.Determine the mean.

2.Determine the median.

3.Determine the mode.

4.Describe the shape of the distribution.

5.Determine Q1, Q2, Q3 and IQR.


1.The contingency table shows classification of students in a Statistics class.


1.) A biologist is comparing the growth of a population of flies per week to the number of flies a bullfrog will consume per week. She has devised an equation to solve for which day (x) the bullfrog would be able to eat the entire population. The equation is 2x = 3x - 1. However, she has observed that the bullfrog cannot eat more than seven flies in one week.Explain to the biologist how she can solve this on a graph using a system of equations. Identify any possible constraints to the situation.


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