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Solve only one Differential Equation problem.  Due in 2 hours 7:00 am EASTERN TIME (EST).


Find its Partial Fraction , then find its inverse Laplace.



webassign homework 

4 sections 10-14 questions each


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Due in 12 hours. Original work, please read the instructions completely. Also include a chart for examples on interest rates in regards to either credit cards or mortgage loans

Assignment 1: Discussion—Interest Rates

Interest rates are a fact of life that you will encounter both professionally and personally. One area of interest rates that you may be most concerned about are those applied to credit card debt. Let’s say that you had $2400 on a particular credit card that charges an annual percentage rate (APR) of 21% and requires that you pay a minimum of 2% per month. Could you determine the minimum monthly payment? The minimum monthly payment would simply be 2% times the balance as shown:

Homework 1


    Can some one answer these questions for me?




regression Analysis

3 Question--  hand calculation only.

no software use. should be complete as soon as possible.

do not make any offer if you cant do them please

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