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Math homework help

Get free Math homework help here or go to homework help

Statistics Homework

10 Statistics questions

All work must be shown



phyllis young

MATH102-1404A-22 Introduction to College Math
Task Name:Phase 1 Discussion Board 2
Deliverable Length:3 parts: See assignment details

Primary Discussion Response is due by Wednesday (1

Help to do my homework (Precalculus)

Who has College Algebra and Trigonometry ( 5th edition)? there is a pic of the book belwo...

If you have it, I need from you to do the homework I am going to send to your email... I need it to be done in five days. But if you can do it before that's, that's great...


It's about 21 assignments! Every assignment has at least 15 questions, but I think it's easy to do it. 

Let me know if you can do it. 

Please see the pic of the book


STAT homework : mathematics expert

I need the attached Stat work done and turn around time is end of today for 30 problems.

Calculus questions

Looking for step by step on how to solve the problems (and answers) in the attachment.  Don't bother sending me a handshake, if you know how to solve post the answers and I will buy.


differential eqaution and linear algebra

should know how to solve inverse matrix and find the rank and sigma solution.. u should know the matrix variable.

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