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Math homework help

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Calc 2

2 section in webassaing to do


who can help?


I need answers for my 3 math questions using Matlab program that I upload it in the attachment.



Linear Regression - Scatterplot help

This is theMessage from my teacher when I submitted data on my graph (please see attachment):

Here is what I suggest for this data.

I tested it and the R^2 value is high.

However, you ned to make a prediction. You should try to predict 1998, and then look and see if your prediction matches what happened in 1998.

I suspect that recently, the growth of HIV infection has slowed, or is not nearly as great at the time of the epidemic. If you test a value like 2014, you might get too high a number using your line. I wonder how that would look, actually.


I need help in Calculus 3

I have a homework online and I'm looking for someone very good at it 

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Assignment 3: LASA 1: Analysis of Credit Card Debt

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