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1.    How do you factor the difference of two squares? How do you factor the perfect square trinomial? How do you factor the sum and difference of two cubes? Which of these three makes the most sense to you? Please give examples of each.Post a 100-200 word response


2.    How would you explain how to factor a trinomial with the leading coefficient greater than one to a person just learning this concept. Please provide an example.Post a 100-200 word response

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All commonly used formulas for geometric objects are really mathematical models of the characteristics of physical objects. For example, the characteristic of the volume inside a common closed cardboard box can be modeled by the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid, V = L x W x H, where L = Length, W = Width, and H = Height of the box. A basketball, because it is a sphere, can be partially modeled by its distance from one side through the center to the other side, or diameter, by the diameter formula for a sphere, D = 2r. 2.


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Abstract Algebra - Fields/Complex Numbers

Fields are an important algebraic structure, and complex numbers have that structure.


A.  Let G be the set of the fifth roots of unity.

Abstract Algebra - Rings

Rings are an important algebraic structure, and modular arithmetic has that structure.


Calculus Sage Algebra 2

Post test 3-7 total of 27 questions

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5 math questions

attached i have 5 math question. Please complete and show all work. Each step should be easy to read and comprehend.

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