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Math homework help

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Inferential Statistics and Findings

Using the research question and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment (Is there a direct correlation between vehicles weight and the highway fuel mileage?), create a no more than 350-word inferential statistics (hypothesis test). Include:


(a) The research question


(b) Mock data for the independent and dependent variables



4 differential equation questions


i need someone to do my 4 differential equation problems all needs to be perfect if any wrong answer will be found then project will be disputed so be carefull take only if you can do it 


time to finish is 2 hours sharply from now


find the atatchment for the questions



#1.  You decide to invest $15,000 into a bank account that s compounding its interest monthly.  Assuming the bank is paying out an interest rate of the current prime rate - 1% (in the event that prime -1% is less than 1%, use 1%) and the investment is for 5 years.  (**The current prime rate is 3.25%)

  A)  How much money (total) do you have after the 5 years pass

MTH 221 Complete Course Material

MTH 221 Complete Course Material

MTH 221 Entire Course (Discrete Math For Information) Complete Course

Individual – Selected Textbook Exercises : Chapter 1 Supplementary Exercises

MTH 221 Week 1 DQs

(A) Consider the problem of how to arrange a group of n people so each person can shake hands with every other person. How might you organize this process? How many times will each person shake hands with someone else? How many handshakes will occur?

MAT 540 Week 4 Homework Chapter 15 problems

2. The manager of the Carpet City outlet needs to make an accurate forecast of the demand for SoftShag carpet (its biggest seller).If the manager does not order enough carpet from the carpet mill,customers will buy their carpet from one of Carpet City’s many competitors. The manager has collected the following demand data for the past 8 months:

Month Demand for Soft Shag Carpet (1,000 yd.)

1 8

2 12

3 7

4 9

5 15

6 11

7 10

8 12

a. Compute a 3-month moving average forecast for months 4 through 9.

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