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Marketing homework help

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Evaluation of Business Operations M2 A2


You are the human resources (HR) manager for a public organization and you are conducting a New Hire Orientation session for all new employees. Last week, you analyzed the organization, including its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. This week, you have been asked to give a presentation on the business operations of the organization.


Managing Capacity M2 A1

Capacity management in businesses is a function of their operations and environment. In today’s business world, evaluating and managing capacities is becoming significantly more difficult. Therefore, managers need to do a balancing act to reduce costs and effectively utilize available capacities.

Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet, research capacity management.

Then respond to the following:

Even-Point or Odd-Point Measurement Scales

Oceans Beverage Company, a manufacturer of carbonated soft drinks, is considering the possibility of entering the health beverage market.


10–12 slide PowerPoint with 200-250 words speaker notes per slide


"I like your ideas for branding the product," she says. "I think the board wants an overview now of the whole process we are using for developing the new product. Can you do that?"


Use edible arrangements if it needs done on the company

Documents, procedures, international organizations

I.  Documents, procedures, international organizations (answer each of these questions in order, in a single post, 6 questions total for at least 1 page) -

What are the most relevant cultural values affecting the consumption of each of the following?

 What are the most relevant cultural values affecting the consumption of each of the following?

Describe how and why these values are particularly important.

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