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PROJECT MGMT - LASA – Project Planning – Developing the Project Plan and Determining Critical Path

    1. Using the District4WarehouseMove WBS.xls provided, create a project plan for the District 4 Warehouse Move project. Use the PDF document, Project Plan Check – District4Move, to check your work to be sure you have created your starting project plan correctly. ProjectLibre is required for this task.

PROJECT MGMT - M3 A1 Discussion Question

Many project today operate within some sort of a matrix organization. Discuss the differences between a strong and a weak matrix organization.

Discuss the pros and cons of a matrix organization for project management. As a project manager, what types of things would you need to do well in order for your project to work within a matrix organization? Justify your responses.

BUSINESS TACTICS - LASA—Strategic Analysis: Organizational & Competitive

The goal of conducting a competitor analysis is to gather information about the company’s competitors and systematically formulate a strategy to become the market leader in the industry. In formulating any strategy, it is imperative that the company understand its organizational structure as well as the internal and external forces which could impact their strategic decisions.


BUSINESS TACTICS - Discussion: PepsiCo

Using your text book, the AUO library and the Internet, research PepsiCo.

  • What is your assessment of the competitive strength of PepsiCo’s different business units?
  • Does PepsiCo’s portfolio demonstrate good strategic fit?
  • What opportunities for skills transfer, cost sharing, and brand sharing does PepsiCo have?

Assignment 2 for hifsa shaukat

Hi hifsa shaukat,


As spoken to you, attached is my assignment 2. 


Integrated Marketing Communication

The client is The BOKA Group. They are an exciting restaurant group in Chicago. You need to do some research, then answer the questions.





Assess the Draft Training Proposal and peer feedback you received in Week Two, and finalize the topic and objectives for your training program. In a 20- to 25-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and references slides:

Strategy paper

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that describes the importance of blue ocean strategy and identifies a product or service that would be considered a blue ocean move. Include the following:

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