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Marketing homework help

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Business Management assessment

Need help to finish a  Business Management assessment.

Add 500- 100 words to last weeks paper: Measuring Marketing Approaches

Based on any recommendations from your colleagues and instructor, revise any sections of the Key Assignment draft.

The final phase of the plan needs to be included. Monitoring IMC effectiveness is key to the future success of the company and product.

2–3 new slides with 150 word speaker notes per slide: Presenting Your Strategic Integrated Marketing Strategy

This final presentation should include all of the previously introduced sections along with the additional section mentioned below. This presentation should be done in a professional and appealing way. It should incorporate a theme, proper supporting graphics (charts, tables, etc.), and it should focus on achieving the bank’s long-term goals as well as your specific objectives.


Write an essay of 150 words answering the following questions



1. In your university, professors likely have objectives regarding teaching, research, 

and service to the university. From your perspective, what are the relative 

priorities of these three objectives? If you could, how would you change these 

priorities and why? 

2. Think of an action plan in which you were recently involved. Which elements of 

the planning process were done well? Which ones were done poorly? What was 

Prof Xaview

Research Proposal - One Document


External and Internal Environmental Analysis - Document 2

Final paper Bus330 Principle of Marketing

Final Paper Bus 330 Principle of Marketing

Focus of the Final Paper

Principle of Marketing

1. Pick a recent purchase you have made. Identify the four Ps of the marketing mix as they relate to your purchase. What does each of the four Ps involve and how did the marketer of that product you purchased direct each of those four elements of the marketing mix to influence your purchase? (350 words)


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