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Marketing homework help

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Final Paper

Final Paper

Focus of the Final Paper


Module 3 - Case

Managing Groups and Teams


Read the article referenced below from the Harvard Business Review about a simulation technique used by the Department of Defense to facilitate strategic planning. The author points out how this same technique can be used by a number of businesses as well.

Required Reading

This article can be found in the EBSCOHost collection, Academic Search Complete database.


Module 2 - Case

Managing Individual Behavior


Clear organizational goals can drive employee efforts throughout the organization. So can the organization's values. SAS was named number 2 in Fortune Magazine's 2014 rankings for 100 Best Companies to Work For in America. Why? In part because it is a values-driven firm with strong corporate goals that translate into how work gets done on a daily basis.

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Consistency with IMC

Why is it necessary to create integration and consistency in communicating with current and potential customers?  Do you feel that there is some overlap in each of the tactical IMC variables?  Support your opinion with scholarly sources and incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture.

Discussion 7 marketing

"Managing Teams and Human Resource Systems" Please respond to the following:

This is a final project . please follow all of the intructions

This assignment has TWO parts. First you must write 800 words about the product halo THE DOCUMENTS TO SUPPORT OR ASSIT ARE BELOW . MAKE SURE YOU STAY in the topics in yellow. ONLY FOCUS ON THE BULLET POINTS IN YELLOW

and second create a slide for each bullet point using microsoft powerpoint not adobe AFTER WRITING THE PAPER.

Business Plug-in 6

1) How could an organization benefit from attending one of the courses offered at the Intense School?

2) What are the two primary lines of security defense and how can organizational employees use the information taught by the Intense School when drafting an information security plan?

3) Determine the differences between the two primary courses offered at the Intense School, “Professional Hacking Boot Camp” and “Social Engineering in Two Days.” Which course is more important for organizational employees to attend?

How Internal and External Factors

How Internal and External Factors Impact the Planning Function of Management within Dell

Body of Paper: 5 pages (1250 words)

Using the small business you analyzed in the Unit 1 Individual Project, you will describe 3 marketing and promotional approaches to the product/service, but they will be oriented toward different target demographics. The best approaches developed in this reports will be included in the Unit 3 IP.

Part 1: Demographic Research

Choose 3 different target demographics (e.g., teens, parents, seniors).

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