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Marketing homework help

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The Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is the controllable set of activities that the firm uses to respond to the wants of its target markets. Create a 300–400 word response on the marketing mix and submit to this discussion thread. Be sure to cover the following in your response:


Unit 3 DB Budgeting

For this assignment, you must write 4–5 paragraphs that you will deliver to the ICBI board (discussed in the IP 3 assignment) on the need for a budget contingency plan. Please think of 2 scenarios or events that could happen in which a budget contingency plan is needed.

Altex Corporation case study

Read Case 3: Altex Corporation in the case study section of your text. Write a summary of the case and answer the following questions from the end of the case.   

frito lay

Time to talk chips here. Go to the Frito-Lay web site and the grocery store.

In succinct memo format answer the following -

Ecommerce assignment- create a privacy policy for a website. due in 8 hours

This is do in 8 hours.. so please don't ask to do it unless you can do it on time and get me a 90% or better!


The "fake website" is Ubeauty.com. You customize skincare/make up for people through questions and ship it to them.


Assignment is due by Today by 9pm est. ZERO Plagiarism include references

Write a 1050-1400-word paper in which you discuss the benefits of developing a brand. Each Learning Team member must choose one brand. Remember to select different brands than the brands selected by your own Learning Team members.

Compile an analysis of those brands and discuss how each company has capitalized on its own brand. Emphasize the following points:

Assignment is due today by 9pm ZERO Plagiarism include references ON TIME WORK

Resources: All previous parts of the Business Plan Practice, Appendix 2—Sample Student Business Plan—and Appendix 3—Advanced Business Plan—in Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Combine all previous parts of the Business Plan Practice and submit it as your Final Business Plan project.

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