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Marketing homework help

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marketing blog

must be about one of theses topics Service Marketing, Retailing & Integrated MKTG Communication marketing,

see the attachment for details how to do it. and here an example here. Only one page and half will be enogh 24 hours nedded.



Part A: Your Marketing Plan

See Attachment for assignment and grading rubric


2 DQ's need to be answered today by 3pm EST. On time work no Plagarism. PLEASE READ before accepting work

2 DQ's need to be answered today by 3pm today est. PLEASE READ BEFORE AGREEING!

Plagiarism 300 word count for each question. Please put all answers under questions.


Week 4 DQ1 –

businesses 200 word


Three businesses: Choose which business form (sole proprietorship, "S" Corporation, "C" Corporation, LLC, 501C3, you would use for three of the following businesses (choose 1):


6 sections due 10/27

CA 2 Review

CA 2.1-2.5



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