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Key Players in the Standards Development Process 3 Dollars

APA Format

• What do you consider to be the most effective approach to establishing and enforcing standards for health information? Who should be involved in the standards development process and to what extent? Explain your reasoning.

• How might the involvement of the federal government be of benefit to the standards development process? How might it hinder the process? Provide a specific example of each possibility and explain your reasoning.

Part 1 of two MArketing _ Food truck Busness

Final Project – Part 1 (due in Unit 9)

Part 1 will be submitted in Unit 9 with Part 2. In 2–3 pages, answer the following bullet points.

  • To begin, what type of entrepreneurial opportunities are you most interested?

Starting a business- Food Truck Business

  • Apply the elements of marketing as it applies to entrepreneurship.

    • Your elevator pitch: a succinct description of your products or services, market, and competitive advantages.

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