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Marketing homework help

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1,000–1,500 words: Research Design

In preparation for the survey to find out more about the customer, determine the target market. Develop a profile for the target audience. Conduct secondary research on your company/client’s product or service and target audiences. Answer the following questions in your target customer report:

Buyer Behaviour

Assessment 1:  Assignment (2300 words)


Online Final exam for Global business environment

I have an online course that have online final exam , am looking for someone to get me an A on this .

the course outline is attached but this for the in-class just to give you an idea about my course


Assignment - History of Advertising

In this Assignment you will examine the history of print advertising and look at original advertisements and brands from the 1920s onward as reflected in traditions and compare it to today’s advertising. You will reflect on what was going on in history at the time and what it tells us about what humans are able to accomplish for the future.


Social Networking and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Discussion

The company I chose is Goya Foods INC- website http://www.goya.com/english/
Using the company you chose to study throughout the term  research how the company employs a social media strategy to build and manage customer relationships.

Can anyone help me finish a marketing plan that I have partially finished?

Good Day,


I need to complete a marketing plan by 4pm Eastern time tomorrow. Can anyone help? I have a draft up until a certain point. The break even analysis has to be done and the ending. It has to be done in APA style, no plagarism, and citations included. I will send a copy of what was produced and turned in to my professor.

Kim Woods___Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan


*Minimum 15 pages (Word Document) or 30 PowerPoint slides of strategic material (does not include cover page, abstract nor reference pages)**




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