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Due: Today!! 12/17/2014 before 12am Eastern Standard Time


250 Words





Human skin cells can be transplanted into a simple method with leukocyte

American scientists have for the first time using a simple method to human skin cells into white blood cells that can be transplanted. As we all know, the white blood cells are the immune system's "guardian", can help the body fight off infection and intruders.

Five Approaches: Problem, Purpose, and Questions

For this week's Discussion, you examined the five approaches to qualitative research and selected the one that best suited the research problem, purpose, and questions you developed in Week 2.

Selecting an Approach for a Qualitative Research Plan 3 paragrah

23 paragraphs in which you present your research questions, select the qualitative approach that best fits the questions, and defend your selection. Include an explanation of which approach would be the next best choice for your research questions, and explain how you decided between the two approaches to find the best fit.

Human Sexuality Class

Due: 12/17/2014 before 12am eastern standard time

250 Words


Imagine that your 9 year old daughter has just told you that her best friend has started her period. She wants to know when she is going to start hers. She also is confused about what a period even is.


Write out a potential script you could use to answer your daughter's questions. Explain when she can expect to begin her period and describe what occurs during the menstrual cycle.

Antigone Paragraph

It's about the PLAY ANTIGONE


Prompt is


- who is the tragic hero in Antigone


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