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In two paragraphs or more, reflect on what you learned about communication and giving speeches. Consider the following questions:

For Nyanya Only, here is my discussion questions thanks.

  1. Structure


    Explore the internet to find a company’s website that displays a company’s organizational chart or describes the company’s method of managing its structure. What kind of structure does the company use to manage its activities? Why do you think the company uses that structure? Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings.

  2. International Entrepreneurship



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Here are the guidlines:


Case 1


impact of cultural differences in negotiations

I need four(4) topics (and some info)related to "impact of cultural differences in negotiations"
I need the links for the topic in the internet 

discussion question** Sociology McDonaldization *** Due TODAY 1100pm

This week you will read about how McDonaldization is actually the application to the fast food industry of the principles of “Scientific Management” which were first formalized by Frederick Taylor, who advocated that there was “One Best Way” to accomplish any task.  He believed that the work of planning should be the domain of corporate staff specialists, who would use the scientific method—data analysis and experimentation—to find that One Best Way.  These people used to be called “industrial engineers,” but now the term “process engi


finsh the second part which shows on the picture. "Relationship with the God". if you are a Catholic, plz contact me.


WA #2 The Critical Annotated Bibliography and WA #3 Literature Review

Both Assignments coincide with each other.

The Topic 

Reading both attached documents.

The Topic Chosen is "Internet in an area of communication studies"

contact me to begin the process after understanding and agreeing to comply with the instructions.




Poetry Reflection Paper

The chosen poem for the paper is "Child of the Americas" by Aurora Levins Morales.


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