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Literature homework help

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Small Molecules Service

1 Preparation of hapten

CUSABIO can provide hapten with different linker arms by transforming small molecular compound. For the transformational small molecular derivatives, we provide identification results of LC-MS. Specific hapten transformation and synthesis, please feel free to contact us. 

Lead time: 10-20 workdays

2 Preparation of artificial antigen

We can provide complete antigen of different carrier proteins according to customers’ demands. As for complete antigen, we provide identification results of SDS-PAGE, UV, and MALDI-TOF.

Read the attachment of medterm

read the attachment of medterm and it will help u doing my work. I send two copies of pages and quotations that you need to do this work.

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can you write a journal to compare and contrast 2 poems?

an you write a journal to compare and contrast 2 poems?


Robert Hayden "those winter sundays"

Theodore Roethke "my papa's waltz'


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Special Project for Creative Instructor

Due by 8p EST. I need a short 450 word essay as follows: Compare the different analyses of "Meet John Doe" written by Linda Schulte- Sasse and Michael Rogin/Kathleen Moran. Which reading do you find more  persuasive—and why? Attached are the readings. Thanks!

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