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Literature homework help

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Write 5 page about world religion- Budhaism, Islamic, Christianity and more

500 words essay about the media

Please write a 500 words essay that

1. illustrates your understanding of the concept of media grammar literacy form Meyrowitz's article.

2. Choose a specific example like an episode of a TV show, a scene of a movie, a song, a music video etc.

3. Describe your understanding of the media grammar of this example in detail (remember the homework is focus on the medium so be sure to keep in mind what the medium is and explain the grammar of the medium through this example). 


Must include these quotations but no more:

Religion and Theology

Four online discussion questions to answer. The question must be answered fully and with at least a paragraph of material.



first you have to choose any poem whatever you like. there are 20 different poems. i attaced file.


in first peregraph put choose poem what you choose.

    than give some introduction regarding that poem.



in second peregraph choose unother poem and give the heading.



for Prof.Dan. only

compose a well-developed paragraph--with the topic sentence underlined--that establishes a basis of comparison between Hughes' essay and Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue." In the forum, discuss in detail how and why you perceive this basis of comparison.

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