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Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes

In your course reader, read the poems of Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes and write a 2 page response for each poet.What are your general impressions of each poet’s work, as represented in the reader? What do you like or dislike about each poet? Your responses are open ended. The responses must be typed. They will be turned in a later date when the entire assignment is completed. 

300 words essay

Please deliver a 300 words essay within 12 hrs with no plagiarism and no grammar mistakes. Please look at the attachment for more details.


Federal regulations and ethics

1. Time final exam online - The Final Examination will have two Parts. The Final Examination will consist of 50 points. The examination will have a combination of multiple-choice, true/false, matching, and/or short answer questions. The Final Examination is worth 30% of your grade


Lanuage Arts ( Diary of Anne Frank)

The following questions ask about a selection from The Diary of Anne Frank.

1. During her time in the Secret Annex, Anne demonstrates that she is a unique and remarkable young persn with many dimensions to her charater.  In an essay, explain what makes Anne a complex character.  Include details from The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I and Act II in your essay.  (The essay must be one page only)  MUST BE ORIGINAL

Paper - Analysis on Disney

Case Study:   “The Third Battle of Bull Run: The Disney’s America Theme Park (B)”   

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to read a case study and identify the most significant business problem the company faced while assessing the various types of organizational communications used to manage the problem.  


Paper on Corporate Branding

You are required to write a 15-page (minimum), double-spaced on Corporate Branding.  The ROL is an academic paper following APA writing and citation guidelines. The paper includes a critical analysis of the relationship among different works (articles).

periphrase a 2 pages essay, due two hours from now

I want you to rewrite  the  attached essay in your own world, must have the same ideas but in your own word. Must gurantee  an  A. Must be 100% plagiarism free. Due 2 hours from now

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